Friday, December 16, 2011

The sweetness that is Rhys

Today is Rhys' 3rd birthday. I have been taking little mental pictures of him the last couple of days, just to remember him right where he is. The other night Justin made a gingerbread house with the kids.

Starting first thing in the morning the next day all I heard about was Rhys getting to eat dessert. What he meant was eating the house. I came down the stairs at one point and could see him leaning over the kitchen table, trying to lick the roof of the house. I wish I had a camera right at that moment because it was hilarious.

Rhys is insanely smart. He takes this apart. He loves to build things and fix things. He also is very nurturing and has all of his guys or babies, depending on the day, that he has to take care of. He has his buddy, the lion that Ava gave him when he had his tonsils out. He has his moose and a baby monkey. All of them usually have to be in bed with him. He prefers to have them all tucked under his blanket with him because he says they need him. He is pretty convinced that the cats talk to him when they meow and that he can understand what they need. Tequi has gotten him to open bedroom doors because Rhys thinks the cat said he wants toys and is sad.

Rhys gets into trouble like no other and will lie like nobody's business. He does not get that things are really off limits to him and is a repeat offender with things like lotion, soap, make up, and markers.

A few weeks ago, he decided that he would ask Santa to get me make up and shoes. He figured it would be a good gift for me and wanted to know if it would be ok if he told Santa to get me those things. He was telling my friend Val his plan and she told him to ask Santa for some for her too while he was at it. Tonight at dinner Ava was talking about wanting to get all of us presents. Rhys says, "It is ok, I told Santa to get Mommy make up and shoes, and Miss Val too. Remember Mommy? I told her that at McDonald's?" We hadn't talked about that at all past that day but he remembered like it just happened.

My favorite thing about Rhys is his heart. Today I asked him to help Ava with her things when we got out of the car after picking her up from school. She had a bunch of little gifts and projects from her class party and she always insists on taking her coat off in the car and carrying it into the house. By the time I got him out of his seat, she had managed to get everything situated so she didn't need any help. Rhys was crushed. He was sobbing because he wanted to help her. He didn't stop until we got to the door and she asked him to take her backpack. He did and cheered right up. Tonight I was trying to take a nap before going into work. I was lying in bed and it looked like I was asleep. Rhys snuck into my bed, being very careful to crawl around me. He gets right up to my face and gives me a huge kiss on the cheek, making sure to make a good kissing noise. He then strokes my forehead with his hand and leans on me to hug me. He kisses me again and then lies down next to me to go to sleep. If you are lucky enough to be one of Rhys' people, he will make sure you know it. You will be showered with affection. I hope he never loses that. Don't hold back, Bubbie.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I finally went and was the room helper in Ava's class this week. I have really wanted to do this all year, but my theoretical plans for easy childcare for Rhys while I spend an hour in Ava's class crashed and burned so I haven't done it up until this point. I will be doing it way more often now and am just going to have to get creative with Rhys.

Ava earns tickets and gets them taken away based on behavior in school. At the end of the week she can cash in her tickets for prizes. She pretty much never gets prizes. She always, always loses her tickets for talking in class. Last week she kind of laughed and said, "I lost a ticket today and I didn't even have any to lose!" Clearly this ticket thing doesn't have a big impact on her. The prizes that she has gotten often sit in her backpack for weeks so they are clearly not a big motivator for her. Thursday the tide changed. She didn't just lose her tickets. She lost the envelope to put the tickets in! I am not quite clear on how this happened, but she was upset. There were many tears shed over this low blow. She also said she was not allowed to go outside for recess the following day because she got in so much trouble. Again, not quite clear as to what happened to cause her to lose recess because that same day she got a letter sent home from the dean saying she had too many tardies and will get a detention with one more...

So anyway, I go to Ava's class on Friday. I mentioned the envelope situation to her teacher. I wasn't clear on whether or not the envelope was taken away or if she actually just lost it and couldn't find it. The teacher said she might have had it taken away but she would have to check. She did point out that Ava's chair was rubber banded to the table leg. She said that Ava can't seem to stay sitting in the chair. It is always out too far, on the side of the table, she is rocking back in it or she is not actually sitting on it and more like crouching on it. Her teacher says that she has gotten bruises all over legs from walking into her chair all the time. She said that she thinks Ava likes the attention from getting told to sit down.

I didn't even know how to respond. I wanted to laugh. I wanted to tell her that she won't sit because the legs won't stay still and her butt really hurts in those chairs. I know...from personal experience. Ava can sit still. She can sit perfectly still for hours on end if she is watching a movie or something. But she still can't sit in a hard chair. She barely does it at the kitchen table and usually falls off at least once a day. As far as the talking goes...until she is working on something that actually challenges her other thoughts are just going to keep popping into her head that just want to come out. Clearly there is a time and place for talking to friends and she needs to learn that.

By the way, I helped with the science center. (Centers are their other subjects, they work on them in small groups and do six a week.) They were experimenting with colors and what new colors are made by mixing them. They got to use eye droppers with colored water. It felt very scientific. It was also clear to me that not everybody is on the same level as Ava. I sometimes assume that her whole class is pretty much at the same place learning wise.

Me: Red plus blue equals what?
Student: 2.
Me: Nope. Red plus blue.
Student: 2.
Me: Ok, so if you take the color red and mix it with the color blue, what color will you get?
Student: Yellow?

He was really cute in his earnestness.


So to continue on in my journey of becoming a hippy and living on a commune, I went to a yoga studio this week. Not just any yoga studio. A bikram yoga studio. This isn't flowy yoga. This deep stretching poses, meant to extend and compress all organ systems in your body...all in a 105 degree room. It allegedly burns a ton of calories and you will also lose weight. So far I have not experienced any drastic weight loss in my 2 classes. I know. 2 classes. 2 90-minute classes in 105 degrees. I feel like I should have lost a ton of weight because I feel like a champion for a) going the first time and trying everything and b) actually going back again and c) making plans to go back more! I am not going to lose weight, though it will definitely be a perk and I will be a little bummed if I don't, but at the same time, unless I stop eating like a champion sumo wrestler, I can't expect that. I am just kind of hooked on the insane feeling of being a champion after it is over. It is actually really relaxing to be super focused on not dying or falling over and not have the ability to think of anything else during that whole time. When it is over, you are completely covered in sweat, you feel like you just climbed a mountain (I have never truly climbed a mountain, so figuratively) and did some really hard things with your body, improved over the last time and stayed in the room. The very hot room. So you just accomplished something awesome with your mind. Seriously, you just spend the rest of the day walking around drinking water, feeling like a superhero. It isn't just me. I went with my friendTerra and she felt the same way. In our minds I am sure we were really walking down the street in slow motion film action, wearing some sort of long open trench coat blowing behind us, crazy stomp you to death boots, super hot jeans and a comfy t-shirt, ready to rule the world. "What's up? You need me to do what??? No problem, I just did a camel, I can do anything."

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas begins!

Ava went back to school today after our vacation and her Thanksgiving break. (I will do a post on Disney, hopefully...eventually. It would be pointless without pictures.) I reminded Ava last night that she had to go to school in the morning. Rhys said, "No! I will miss her!" Needless to say, he got used to having full access to Ava and we needed to plan a busy morning.

So we started to prep for Christmas. We had to move the dog cage around, vacuum and mop. I did an initial cleaning with the vacuum and Rhys then took over. He really was into helping. We got the tree out and set it up. He had fun fanning out the branches. I hated the old bitter yuck spray we had put on the tree in years past getting in my mouth. Our pre-lit tree has dead lights. It is now just a cluttery looking dark tree. Ava requested multi-color lights this year, so I had gotten some on this giant wheel looking thing. Rhys focused enough to stand on the other side of the tree and pass the lights back to me. It was actually impressive that at this point in time, he had paid attention for over an hour.

We then got crazy and got the ladder out and hung some lights up outside. Never in my life have I done this. It wasn't that hard at all. They might blow off with the first breeze, but oh well. He even hammered in a nail and I almost dropped a hammer on my head. It was a very efficient project.

After Ava got home, we made some snow man door hanger decorations and I spent the afternoon ignoring pleas to start putting on decorations. We waited for Justin to get home to do that. Ava was so excited to see ornaments that she recognized and remembered. She also liked seeing all the ones she has made. Rhys was bummed that he didn't have any that he had made or gotten from events. He did like playing with all the movable ornaments and singing his own version of Jingle Bells every time one had a bell of sorts on it. I am so looking forward to Christmas this year. I don't think it is going to be fancy or elaborate. I just think both of them are the right age to make it so fun.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A little story about a boy named Rhys

Here is a little story I should have posted about a month ago. We were over at a friend's house one night. They also have a two year old little boy. He and Rhys are friends from church. So the two of them were in a little corner of the livingroom playing with a tool bench. My friend Lee thinks she will be extra awesome by pretending to be a tiger that wants to eat them. She is down on the ground growling at them and taking swipes at them with her 'paw'. The two boys are not amused. They clearly have been attacked by this vicious beast before so they are actually acting scared and backing into the corner, saying, "no! no!" until Rhys steps up. You see him look at his friend and realize that he isn't going to help and this tiger beast is getting closer.

Rhys has his tool in his hand. A screwdriver. Rhys steps a little bit forward, putting himself between the tiger lady and his friend. Rhys, jabs the screwdriver forward and in a very assertive tone of voice says, "Stop or you're gonna get screwed!"

We all laughed uncontrollably for a few minutes. Poor Rhys was a little embarrassed. He obviously had no idea why we were laughing. I talked to him about it the next day and told him that I was really proud of him for trying to defend his friend...from the pretend tiger that would only tickle.

Rhys being attacked by the tiger earlier that day.

Friday, November 11, 2011

odd to even me

Believe me when I say that I am trying to say this with as much humility as possible, but...I have nice finger nails. I always have. I have pretty long nail beds and my nails don't peel or bend or curl up or under. They also grow really fast and it is actually more of an effort for me to have short nails than it is to have long ones. If you ever notice that I have short nails, you will know that I have actually bothered to do something with them...that being cut them. I have never really been one to paint my nails. I own nail polish but I probably buy a new color once every year or two. I usually only use it on my toes. I get so annoyed at how long it takes me to do them in comparison to how long it takes me to mess them up or for the paint to chip. I am also really lazy about taking nail polish off, so I have been known to walk around with little chips of paint on my nails for months. But every once in a while, I will paint my nails and be amused by all the people commenting on them or questioning if they are real for those two days before they look like crap.

Something has changed. I have been following things on pinterest. I have seen people post pictures of nail polish colors. I have been inspired. I went out and got a couple new colors. I have discovered the secret. Get good polish! For the last month my nails have been painted everyday with maybe only two days of chips. It is lasting a week before it starts to look bad. That is a good return for my effort. (It also might have something to do with the fact that I have been feeling like everyday is a bad hair/clothes/skin/body day lately, so I might as well play up my one asset...but only slightly.) I feel like a whole world has been opened to me! Here are some of my new favorites!

Black Cherry Chutney by OPI, More or less the whole Essie line, but
Mochachino and
turquoise & caicos, and
over the edge.

The one I am currently wanting is All Hail the Queen by Butter London.

I am a little worried that it would look too much like the mochachino color but I think it is will be lighter. When going through all my old polish I realized I often bought very similar colors. I clearly bought new ones because the old one didn't look right and I was just in search of a good shade. I have been very happy with my purchases so far and how they look on my hands. I am wondering how long this little habit will continue. I wonder how many colors I will try...

Well that was a very interesting post for all of you loyal readers. I am now off to work for an exciting overnight of data entry! At least I will enjoy looking at my fingers on the mouse.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Report Card

Ava has gotten her first report card and I had a parent teacher conference to discuss it. Overall she did very well. She got S+'s in just about everything. S stands for Satisfactory. She got a couple E's for Excellent for sight words and music. During the parent teacher conference her teacher described her as "thriving" and does not have any concerns. She says Ava talks too much sometimes, but it is with a girl who is normally painfully shy so she doesn't really want to stop it.

Ava has also had her first laser treatment while attending school. It went really well. The class had a question and answer session with her before hand. Most of the class told Ava they would be praying for her. The cute thing is, they really did! Tonight we were at the Annual Fall Benefit for the school and we had a couple parents from Ava's class at our table. They recognized Ava's name because their son has been praying for her and the laser surgery. Ava also brought home a picture a classmate drew of her. The little girl told Ava that she drew a picture so her family could see who they were praying for.

Deciding on what to do for school was something I agonized over for years. Seriously, years. I could not be happier with the decision we have made. It is the little things that make it so good. The librarian usually ends up being the person who opens our car door for Ava during morning drop off. She always said hello, but after about a week asked me Ava's name. She hasn't forgotten it. Every morning she says hello to Ava, even if she isn't the one opening the door. Ava has stopped being shy with her and says hi back and usually gives her a big smile. I think I am going to have to find out her name sometime soon.

Monday, October 31, 2011


So I have decided to convert to a non-processed/organic food lifestyle for my family. I can't go all extreme and toss everything out that we have. It just isn't financially possible. I will just be replacing it as we use it up. I found a site that had good guidelines as to what it means to go unprocessed. Pretty much if you can't make it yourself in the kitchen, don't eat it. If I can't gather the ingredients myself and make it, won't be eating it. I can make butter if I want to, so I can eat butter. I could grind up my own flour if I wanted to, so I can use it. I just can't bleach it myself.

But! This weekend we spent obscene amounts of money at fast food restaurants. We need to retrain ourselves as to what a snack means or convenience food. I will have to do more prep in the kitchen to have stuff ready. I will also need support from Justin. Not only is this bad for us, but it is a budget blower and always has been.

Friday, October 28, 2011

What is the best you can afford?

This is a concept I have been pondering for a while. I think with most things in life, we always try to get the biggest bang for our buck. What is the highest quality thing we can get with our dollar. We don't do that with food though. We generally try to feed our families as cheaply as possible. I guess this whole thing does revolve around what you consider to be "quality". Not everybody buys into the concept of organics for grass fed, cage free, hormone free food.

I just think it is funny, like funny odd, that I will work out to be healthy. I use an eco friendly laundry detergent. I use eco-friendly cleaning products because I don't want all the chemicals in the house. I even have ventured into cloth diapers, switched to cloth pads and the diva cup to avoid all the contact with chemicals and carcinogens, but I haven't changed my eating. I really do think it is a cost factor for me. It is hard to make that jump financially. I get why it costs more. I really do. It is the same reason why something handmade would cost more than something manufactured on a machine. It just works that way. Even with furniture we consider hand made items to be worth more and higher quality than pre-fab.

I think I am going to make the switch. I think some things will indeed cost more. Some will cost less. Somethings will cost less flat out because I am not going to be buying them. I haven't figured out exactly what this switch will look like for us. I don't know where our boundaries will be. I am actually going to try to start with pretty loose boundaries and tighten up as I go. I will still try to get the most bang for my buck, but that might just mean shopping at a co-op instead of a big name store instead of shopping at walmart.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have so many things to talk about. I am in a little bit of a tizzy. Three weeks from today we are leaving for vacation. We went on a vacation about a year and a half ago with my whole family. Two and a half years ago we went on a full out family vacation to San Diego. Besides that, we haven't gone anywhere as a family. We are very excited! We are going to Disney!!!!!!!!!! I am not a Disney person. I have never been. I have been ok with not going. I don't get the whole adults who like cartoon characters thing. Great America has the whole Looney Tunes thing going on and I must say that I do like Disney characters more than Looney Tunes so maybe I will buy in. Is it Looney Tunes or Looney Toons? Hmmmm both look right.

I was making all of our reservations for food and whatnot and it has made the whole thing seem more real. I know what park we will be going to each day. I also have something planned for everybody, a little something for each person. I got reservations that I never expected to be able to get. I had been checking and nothing was available. Someone must have canceled theirs and I nabbed it. Ava gets to have lunch with ALL of the princesses. When we booked our trip, we were able to get a free dining plan. This character meal is included in our dining plan. It honestly costs so much that I would probably have to really think hard over whether or not we would spend that much money for all of us to have lunch. It costs more than a concert or something like that. It is crazy how many cool things they are going to get experience on our "free" dining plan. I am trying to use it to get experiences, not just food.

I am not telling the rest of the family all the things I have planned. I want them to enjoy each day without thinking ahead to what is coming next. It is has the potential to be a great trip. I honestly don't know when the next time will be that we will be able to go on a trip. It may never be in the cards again, so we will be sure to enjoy this one.

Ava's thoughts on our trip, "I think it will be like a dream the whole time we are there, every second, because it is the place where dreams come true. Right?"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I have been working on...

So I always say I have a lot of projects going. It is true. Here are all the things I am working on. This does not count all the random things that I started for about an hour and haven't picked back up because they were boring me.

This is a sweater I am working on for Ava. It had such potential but the seem up the middle where I have changed colors is horrible and knowing that it won't be good does not make me want to continue. I will though because she is waiting for it and she never has to wear it out of the house. I am making it from a bunch of leftover Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn I have.

This is a scarf I am making for Justin. It is actually really fun to work on and I really want to get back at it. IT is Noro Keuron.

This is my cardigan. I have restarted the side panels. There is a pull in the one sleeve. I am not sure if it just got there or what, but I am debating taking out all I have done in the sleeves up to that point and starting it back up. This is a fancy sweater...I want it done soon, since it reminds me of fall and if I don't get on it, it will be for next fall. It is made out of Blue Sky Alpaca - Alpaca silk blend.

I have very slowly been working on this blanket. I had made 4 squares about 3 years ago. I think I am almost halfway done. This is Vanna's Choice worsted weight.

Now for some things I have finished...This blanket I started 3 years ago also and finally finished it...except for weaving in the ends of course. Made with knitpicks shine sport. I really do like this yarn for baby projects.

I made this blanket start to finish in a few weeks. It is a gift for a friend. I am motivated so much more by a deadline and purpose. Made with knitpicks comfy worsted.

Another finished project. A gift. (made with knitpicks comfy worsted.

I made this for Justin. I don't remember what kind of yarn I used.

So I am going to try to hurry up and finish some more projects. I ordered some Cascade 220 fingering yarn, which I believe is pretty new, to make a little jacket thingy for Ava. It should hopefully come soon. I am going to try to finish something before I start on it. I am going to have to count my finished projects for the year. I might have to make a mad dash to finish my 12 in 12 months.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

They really do love each other

Here are some things that the little people have said lately.

During a full out meltdown, Ava says, "Tomorrow we are starting over with only one kid in this family and it is NOT going to be Rhys."

Outside during the 5k walk for my work, someone tells Rhys, "Your nose is all red. You must be cold." Rhys responds with, "No my sister's nose is red. Mine is bery(very), bery, bery white."

Ava- "I like tardy slips. They are so cute and little."

Rhys- "I feel like I should have three sisters. Yeah, three sisters, because that is what I want."


Ava has settled into kindergarten quite nicely. She seems to enjoy her classmates more than the work. She is really wanting to learn how to read and is getting there. She has her sight words down pat. She has started to find them in books and likes it when she can sound out a full sentence. She starts book it this month. Hopefully she will think of something other than puking up mushrooms when she is older and reflects on book it. (those two things are totally connected in my mind)

Rhys has had his tonsils and adenoids taken out. He also apparently had his potty training desire taken out too. He went into surgery potty trained and came out not. I know he still has the ability. He has just lost all desire.

We recently aquired an outdoor playhouse. This has made our extremely nice fall that much more enjoyable. I love that they will both just go outside and play for at least half an hour. It might last longer before the arguments ruin things, but they at least get outside.

Rhys dressed himself...the shirt is backwards...and was "exercisin'"

And just so Ava doesn't feel left out... Remember this? I barely do.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day of Kindergarten!

Monday was Ava's first day of school. Full disclosure: I have dreaded this day since the day she was born. It was just full of mixed emotions for me. It symbolized a whole lot of what if's in my head. Turns out, when the day came I wasn't nervous. I think a huge part of that was being very comfortable with our choice for school. I wasn't scared or nervous, I was excited. I was super excited. I was Christmas morning excited. I had a hard time sleeping Sunday night. I did have some crazy dream about Ava taking a friend's hand and walking out into deep water, completely ignoring me telling her not to and I was helpless to save her. So I guess I was a little nervous underneath all the excitement.

Justin stayed home in the morning to take her to school too. I made cinnamon rolls, her requested breakfast for the first day of school, and we were off. It is pretty cool that her school does have so much parental involvement. I don't think anybody in 5th grade or below was just dropped off. Everyone's parent walked them in. Justin and Rhys parked in a different place than Ava and I did (Justin was going to work immediately following drop off) and as we were walking up to the school I saw parents taking pictures of their kids at the school sign. I saw very long, emotional hugs. Suddenly...I felt the urge to cry. It was like being at a wedding. Not sure why you are crying, but it is like there is way too much free emotions floating around in the atmosphere or something. We go into the school and show Ava to her seat. She got right down to business coloring a shirt. She was acting a little shy even though one of her friends from preschool purposefully chose to sit right next to her. (She now says that Emma, the preschool friend, has decided that they are best friends for the year.) We gave her kisses good bye and walked out. I still had the crying feeling but I didn't. The PTM (similar to PTA, but it is a Christian school so everything is a Ministry) hosted a boohoo/yahoo breakfast for parents and as we walked in, I was asked to declare myself. Boohoo or yahoo? I was like for the love! don't make me say it out loud! I was a little of both, apparently.

Rhys and I went to the library for story time and crafts. He was so calm on Monday. I don't think he knew what to do with himself and only me. We ran errands afterward and then went back to pick up Ava.

Today on the other hand, Rhys decided to take on this persona.

It involved many time outs, including one for spitting all over his hand and sticking it in my mouth. It was like a really bad wet willy.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Call me crazy...

Today a friend and I drove three hours to the Michigan Fiber Festival. It was very interesting to say the least. I ended up not buying any yarn, which was odd. I was prepared to have to talk myself out of a lot of it. I had set myself a budget of what I would allow myself to spend. I told myself that I couldn't buy it no matter how pretty I thought it was if I couldn't think of a project to go with it. I had limits in place! I felt very little temptation. I am not sure what the issue was. I think it might have been the total quanity of choices. It isn't every day when you have about 50 mini yarn shops selling their wares. That is a lot of choices. I took notes of the brands I liked and styles I liked, so I could order them online when I came up with a project, but that was about it. I bought one pattern and an elephant ear. (We did also stop for some wine at Lemon Creek Winery, but that wasn't technically at the festival.)

I was intrigued by all the spinning wheels. I was able to watch it and I got the concept. I am sure it is something that looks easier than it really is, but I now have a bug about it. I want to do it! I want to go take a class, learn how to spin and do it. Maybe I will love it, maybe I won't, but it will be one of those things where I can say I have done it. I am not actually sure what I will do with the yarn I make, if I get into it. Obviously I could make something out of it... This might be a nice, needed break for my wrist tendons. I need to make this happen.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Curriculum day and then some.

On a normal day, if I were to get up early to out or make something for breakfast or read in quiet, Rhys would be up, right there with me before I could even leave my room. The last two mornings, I have had to wake both kids up with lots of moaning and groaning from them and it is later than I am usually woken up by Rhys. This whole early morning school thing is going to be quite an adjustment.

This morning we had to be up and ready to leave the house for Curriculum Day. In the higher grade levels, kids actually come and pick up their box of books. They are getting their curriculum for school, gym uniforms, year books, etc. We got our welcome folder with even MORE forms to fill out. It is also a chance to sign up for the volunteer opportunities in the school. Parents for each child have to volunteer 20 hours per child per year. I don't think that is going to be that hard to do, but I can definitely see it getting harder the more kids you have.

We also apparently have to do this walk-a-thon with a required fundraising amount. It is frustrating only in the timing. It is the week befor the fundraising walk for my job. I am guessing we will focus on getting pledges for Ava's school.

Anyway, Ava got to see some preschool teachers from last year. She was looking all cute. She picked out her outfit and was sporting her new hair cut. (I meant to take a picture of her by her classroom but getting Rhys out of there was harder than it should have been and I forgot.) She got to go to her classroom and meet her teachers. She also got to pick out her seat. She didn't put much thought into it. She talked with her teacher a bit and was given a homework assigment for Monday. I also signed up to bring something supplyish within the first week and I have no idea what it was now. I am pretty excited about her starting school. I hope she is as excited as I am.

We then took off to the zoo with friends. Rhys had his first real outing wearing underwear. He is in the don't tell me what to do stage, so everytime I suggested he go to the bathroom he threw a fit, but he was enamoured by the little potties in the children's zoo.

Ava wasn't as interested in posing for pictures as Rhys was.

We then took off to the pediatric dentist.  When Ava started going to the dentist when she was 2, we went to a pediatric dentist that someone had referred us to.  It ended up taking us an hour to get there and back, always with us leaving really early in the morning because of traffic and I didn't think he was all that nice.  After I experienced his "expertice" and realized that there wasn't anything special he could do for Ava's gums, I took Ava to our dentist which was close to our house.  She has been quite happy there for the last 3 visits.  Well, turns out she suddenly has cavities.  They asked if they could do xrays even though she was a little shy of 5 at the time (they don't do xrays on kids younger than 5) because they could see a couple cavities. So...a few xrays later and we are referred to a pediatric dentist.  Our regular dentist implied that this dentist would be able to take care of them all at once.  That is not the case.  He will do her fillings in 4 different sessions (yes, she has that many) and she will be getting a lovely silver cap because one cavity is really deep.  The pediatric dentist was concerned that they all had just appeared, but when he found out she had never had xrays before...well he wasn't thrilled.  He was pretty much of the opinion that she would have had tiny little fillings and no silver cap, if she had been seen by a practice that does xrays on children.  He pretty much said her teeth can't handle any type of sticky sugar.  All of her fillings are in between her teeth, so she has to floss, use a prescription toothpaste and avoid all sticky, sugary things, including things like dried fruit.  Yes, they are just baby teeth.  Baby teeth do serve a purpose.  He isn't doing anything about a little cavity in her front tooth.  He said no need, that tooth will fall out within the next year or so.  Her molars on the other hand, will be in her mouth for the next 7 years.  They hold the place for adult teeth and the adult teeth usually will follow them up to know where to come out.  Since her teeth are already resembling mine, they don't need any extra confusion as to where to come up.

Tomorrow: Michigan Fiber Festival.  I know you are jealous.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

some days.

There are some days that I swear every living creature in this house is working against me. I know it isn't true and I am being overly dramatic but it sure feels that way. Example, we have ants. We are constantly fighting with ants. This has always been a seasonal problem but this year it has been exceptionally bad. I think this is probably because we still don't have quarter round down. Justin didn't want put it down before we replaced all the trim...a year ago. Check one for feeling like someone is against me in my woe is me state of mind. While I am making lunch, Ava and Rhys steal muffins and start eating them on the couch, leaving crumbs all over the place, inviting the ants back. Check 2. While I am cleaning up the crumbs, the dog is in the kitchen attempting to dump the garbage can to see what she can eat. Check 3. While I am in the kitchen cleaning up lunch, Rhys and Ava are bringing everything known to man to be on a blanket in the livingroom, including all toys that aren't supposed to be downstairs. Check 4. It goes on and on, but sometimes I really do feel like it is a losing battle.

With the start of the school year approaching I am making an attack and conquer plan for de-cluttering and streamlining my cleaning process. Our clutter attracts clutter. Phase one: shoes will be in the shoe thing and if they dont' fit they have to go in someone's closet. Bags will not be brought in and left by the front door. They all attract random things that don't get picked up and cat fur and probably ants.

Ava is now claiming to be having chest pains from the effort of taking her toys back upstairs. The dog is whining about starving to death from not being allowed to eat the muffin wrappers in the garbage. People are going to have to get on board with my plan or else....

(let me know if you can figure out what my or else should be.)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too easy

If you have ever heard Rhys sleep, you know he snores. Loudly. I mentioned it a few months ago in passing to our pediatrician. Rhys has always snores but he had started gasping more here and there in his sleep. The doctor referred us to an ENT and gave Rhys a steroid nose spray. the nose pray did make a huge difference and Rhys was great about taking it. I just wasn't sure how I felt about him being on the nose spray long term. He had his appointment wih the ENT today and it turns out the main problem is his adenoids and he will be getting those along with his tonsils out right after labor day. The whole thing seems sort of weird to me, like it was all too easy to schedule him to get body parts removed. One look and an xray and yep, let's take those bad boys out.

In other news Ava had her kick off picnic today. She really needs to up her friendly factor. I have heard she is better when I am not around but she was flat out rude to people when they tried to introduce her classmates to her. She knew three girls from her class last year and was fine with them. New people... Not so much.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ava today. Just because

Monday, August 8, 2011

Big guy

Rhys hasn't wanted to be outdone by Ava turning 5 and starting school soon. Nope. He has decided to potty train himself. I am just more or less giving pointers, and reminders. He is doing it all. We are finishing up 24 hours of no diapers and are doing really well. I wouldn't say accident free, but as long as he is able to get to his potty right away, he is fine.

Ava was gone all weekend after her party, so we had a lot of Rhys time. He is pretty funny without her and the level of whining in the house drops drastically. We were playing on our bed Saturday night and I threw him off of me onto a pillow. Dori didn't like that. She got herself in between the two of us, pretty much a hands off sign. She sat there pretty calmly, but definitely sat there alert, next to him for the next half an hour or so just giving me the eye.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

no excuses

I haven't written in a long time. It is what it is. Moving on.

Yesterday Rhys discovered the box of Justin's old GI Joe's in the garage. He stayed out in the garage, literally dripping sweat, playing with them. I brought him to rehydrate and cool off. It wasn't that hot in the garage, just kind of stuffy. He tried playing with them in the house but he thinks the garage is better for some reason. He woke up this morning and wanted to hurry up and have breakfast so he could go back to playing.

Justin is getting a new phone through work...the new iphone. I know, woopadeee doo!!!! No really, I was filled with insane jealousy. I am usually not a jealous person. Other people are allowed to have things! It was that he didn't even want an iphone. I did! For 3 years!!! but we had a cell service that doesn't carry them. Then my train of thought was hmmm, how much would it be for us to switch service now that I am the only person on our plan? I am up for an upgrade anyway, contract wise, so now would be a good time. I had looked in the past and for hte family plan, it didn't make sense. Turns out, it was the last day of a promotion and when it arrives today, I will have my own iphone that cost me $9 and a plan that pretty much costs the same as my old one. Maybe a couple dollars more, depending on the corporate discount. I am excited to get it, but I am actually feeling a little guilty that I was motivated by feelings of jealousy. I can also bless someone else with my old phone so yay.

Ava has her golden birthday on Friday. Her birthday is a very big deal this year. It definitely has to do with the fact that in school, her friends talked about birthdays all year. They built it up to be a great time. She has me sucked into the hugeness of it. I am trying to remind myself, it is just a birthday. Though it is a great day, lets not get too crazy.

Our summer will be coming to a slow halt. Ava has a laser treatment on Monday, which pretty much means the last 2 weeks of summer break will be spent inside. I guess since she is only in morning kindergarten, we can still do some summery stuff in the afternoons. I am looking forward to hanging out with just Rhys everyday, for the first time in his whole life. It will definitely be an adjustment for all of us.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

They like each other

hello summer!

This summer has potential to be an excellent summer.  We have had a couple playdates.  We have gone to the pool at the gym.  We have gone to the zoo.  We have sat around and read books.  Ok, I have sat around and read books. It is amazing how this has worked out.  A few times this when when it has been nice, we have gone to the gym or done dishes and laundry and whatnot in the morning.  Then at some point later in the day, we all go outside in the backyard where I have filled up the wading pool and have gotten smart and put a bin of outside toys. I sit in my lovely new reclining patio chair with my nook and read while Rhys and Ava play for hours on end nicely with their toys, chalk, and the water.  It is amazing.  If we time it right, the entire patio is covered in shade if it is later in the evening or early in the morning, so until the novelty wears off, this could work all summer.
So far this week I have read:
Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah
The Fifth of March by Ann Rinaldi
Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah
I wonder how many books I can read by the time the summer is over. The only hold up to my great summer reading plan is I can't seem to be able to download my ebooks from the library to my computer, so I can then put them on my nook.  There is no way I can buy all my books at this rate of reading.  I have been able to do it in the past, so I am not sure why it isn't working right now, but it is making me a little frustrated.  Also, I am on the wait list for pretty much every book I would like to read from the library.  I will figure it out!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am going to attempt to get back into the blogging habit this summer. I missing out on the kid updates, and this is my record of what they did when, for when they are older.

Last week Rhys went pee on the potty for the first time ever. He says he has to go potty all the time, but has only gone once. We are going to try to do the full out potty training the week of the 27th after Ava gets her laser treatment and we are inside by default.

I am getting all set to put on my "school mom of the year" pants. I am hopefully going to the uniform resale today at Ava's school to see if there are any good deals. It is a resale put on by the PTM (parent/teacher ministry, like the PTA) as a fundraiser for the school. I also placed my first script order (thanks Diana!)and we have earned $8.80 towards our $200. So if you have any need for gift cards, let me know and I will order them for you! We will be using gift cards to pay for most things from here on out, groceries, gas. That way we can earn our money with just regular purchases instead of having to spend extra.

I have lost all motivation for knitting. It is a sad state of affairs. I have three projects started and I guess I am not all that interested in any of them right now.

I am off to go change a poopy diaper and convince Rhys so say lemonade again. He says mamalade. It is pretty cute.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

summer is here!

It is officially this house's first summer vacation! Ava only went to school three days a week in the afternoons, but when you think of three days of making sure you are home by lunch, it doesn't leave a lot of room for big plans. So I am not sure what our big plans will be. I am thinking of making a list of fun things we can do this summer and when I get stuck, we can just look at the list and go from there.

Our gym has an outdoor pool, with a zero depth section. So we will be spending a day or two a week there. I am going to tell myself that we won't go to the pool unless I go first to work out. I am also not going to go to the pool EVERY time I go to the gym, or getting the kids there in the fall when we aren't going to go to swimming is going to be horrible. They are easily trained in routines.

We will probably have some fun nature walk days. There are tons of paved paths in forest preserves around us, even some paved paths through protected wetlands. We will do some berry picking, baking of fun thing, jam making, free movies on rainy days, and maybe even go to the zoo a few times. I would love to go camping a couple times. I would also like to take the kids to the beach at Lake Michigan. I just haven't figured out the whole parking thing yet.

What else should be on our list?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

vile association

It is no secret. I have a serious hatred of our homeowners association. I appreciate that I pay to clear the snow, have my shrubs trimmed, lawn mowed, roof tiled. Other than that, I don't have much use for them. I don't enjoy that they say we can't do other things. There aren't many perks to it, just a whole lot of don'ts. In the latest letter, they have suggested that we take pictures of people violating the rules and send them in. They said they have a huge problem with pets. I will admit, it is annoying to see dog poo on the side walk or on the tree bank. It is because it is clear that people took their dog for a walk and didn't pick up the poop. Other than that, I really don't see many other violations. I let my dog out on my front door and she poops 5 feet in front of the door and I don't pick that up. I am the only one who can be annoyed by my dog poop because nobody else can see it or even comes near it. The whole concept of encouraging neighbors to send in pictures of each other violating the rules definitely turns neighbors against each other. I had actually started wondering if the reason we never really talked with our neighbor was because he was reporting us and thought we were violators. The other night we actually talked because I saw him outside putting down grass seed and assumed he had been reported also. He was and now we have a general shared hatred of the association and their letters. I should run, but I would never be elected. I would want to let everybody pull up their ugly juniper bushes and plant real gardens of flowers....Or that is just what I would want to do.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We are stuck in the middle of in between around here. The season can't decide what it will be. 5 more days of preschool for Ava. Count down to Ava's dance recital and then we will be done with dance class for the year. I am not reading any books at the moment. I am supposedly working on three knitting projects but I am not actually working on anything. We have just been busy with a lot of little things. Both of the kids have been really awesome and difficult every day. I am just trying to focus on the happy, funny things, not in the constant messes and disasters and more messes. I feel like this stage is really on the verge of ending and I am trying to just suck it up.

Monday, April 11, 2011

best deal EVER!

So I just have to brag a bit. I just got a huge deal from ebates. I like ebates. I really have gotten some good checks back from them. I don't shop any differently online than I ever have, other than I make sure I go to their site first. Anyway, our anniversary is coming up and I know that the restaurant we had planned to go to sometimes has some gift cards available on So I went through the ebates site to see if they had any cash back on those purchases. Why yes they do! 15% which is pretty good for that site. Then I go through their link and they said hey ebates users, you get 80% off your purchase. So I got $100 of gift certificates (3 dinners out for us) for $13. Plus I will be getting 15% of that $13 back. I should be on tv.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

We got in!

I know this news is a little late in coming, but Ava was accepted into the private school of our choice. I know, it was touch and go for a minute there. They did mention a lack of Harry Potter in the library during the tour and we must have made faces. So now we have to gear up for a lot of school events and fundraising. The same thing I love about the school, a close family/school relationship so we are always aware of what is going on, will also be pretty time consuming. We will be selling cookie dough, living off of gift cards, going to banquets, and all sorts of things.

I am still chugging along on my sweater. I will hopefully finish it sometime in April. I haven't had as much time to work on it. I really just don't have the focus to all things at once. I am either taking up my free time knitting or reading or going to the gym...or cleaning. I have been doing the gym thing again lately.

currently reading: Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. I am about 80 pages in and really enjoying it so far. It is 600 pages so it really is just the intro.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

currently reading...

So I was going through my nook account and archiving some books to get them out of the way. I decided to count up how many books I had read. I started reading ebooks about 18 months ago. Since then, I have read 50 books. I have read some other regular books too. Who knew I really read so many books!

So here is what I have been up to in the last couple weeks.

I just read North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley. It is a young adult book but I still loved it.

I just finished listening to (and I didn't count this in my total) Fall of Giants by Ken Follet. Who knew I would become a Ken Follet fan? I sure didn't. I have really enjoyed his Pillars of the Earth series. I love big, fat books that you can really get into. This has been extremely enjoyable to listen to. The narrator switches to different accents and it makes it really easy to follow all the dialogue. It takes place before, during, and immediately following World War I. It follows the story of a number of people from different countries and their role in teh war. I look forward to the next book in the trilogy though it won't be out for another year.

I am about to begin reading Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. It is my book club selection of the month so I better get on it. I will get distracted by other books and then not finish in time other wise.

spring, spring, spring....

Welcome to spring, I think. I feel revolutionized. We are getting rid of our patio set because we don't really use it and it takes up our entire patio. I have gotten to recliners. I will soon be in search of a super cheap little table to put in between them. I have visions of hanging out there at night after the kids go to bed at their newly developed bedtime of 7:30. Just Justin and me, a couple of drinks and a lovely view of our neighbor's backyards. (Does this make you panic, Justin? You hate watching tv with me, so now you get to sit outside with me!) It would be cooler if we had a fire pit but I believe they are forbidden by our association (not that it stops any of our neighbors) and then we would once again be taking up our entire patio. The kids are getting old enough that they can play outside. They generally stay where they are told, especially if they have something to play with. I am a good secret spy mom and open up all the blinds so they can't really escape without me seeing them. I need to find a little outdoor playhouse at a garage sale for them and I am sure they will have a good time out back this summer and spring.

Another spring debate: What to grow in a garden if anything. I think I might just do some flowers and tomatoes. They are the only things I seem to have success with.

We have completed the interview/application process for Ava's school. We should be finding out in the next couple of weeks if we get in or not. I really can't see why she wouldn't unless they really just didn't like us. I am trying to mentally prepare myself for all the fund raising and parent activities we are going to have to participate in. One of them is this gift card program. I am pretty much going to have to change how we spend money to always use gift cards so we can earn enough back for the school or we have to pay it at the end of the year.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

more eyes

The morning started out kind of rough, with some heaves and a puke on the bathroom floor. Rhys just wasn't starting the day off well. We had to go to Ava's eye appointment in a couple hours so I called Justin home. He is lucky enough to be able to come work from home when he needs to. I wasn't about to take a potential puker in the car for 45 minutes to an hour long appointment.

Ava actually refused to put on the 3D glasses when we met with the nurse. (Each appointment starts out with the nurse updating her medical history.) I was slightly worried what that would mean for the rest of the appointment, because it is completely dependant on her cooperation. I had nothing to worry about. There is the first doctor (intern? fellow?) who checks everything first. Ava loves her and was actually singing in between tests. Ava sat perfectly still for all of the pressure checks again. Then the regular doctor comes in and re-checks some things. She has 20/20 vision, which I guess is somewhat surprising at her age, better than normal. Her pressures went down to 18 from 22. We were told to keep up with the eye drops. He is actually hoping to keep pressures in the teens for a while, and then ween her off of drops when she is a bit older. He kind of mumbles to himself, so I am not sure what the long term plan with that would be, other than to avoid surgery until she older. I am not sure if we will try to wean off the drops when she is old enough to do surgery if the need comes up. But either way, things are going well. Ava was very excited to tell him that she holds her eye open herself for her drops. She does...most of the time. It is helpful to have her be a part of the whole process and she gets that she has to do it, most of the time.

Monday, March 7, 2011

dinner conversations

Last week we had cheeseburger soup for dinner. It is a potato cheesey vegetable loaded soup with ground beef in it. Rhys was scooping things up out of his soup.

"I've got celery." (pronounced Iiiiiiiiiiiive got cewawy)
"I've got a carrot." (Iiiiiiiiiive got a cawot)
He scoops up ground beef and says, "I've got a poopie." That he says right.
He gets a bigger hunk of beef and says, "I've got a big, giant, giant poopie."

The funny thing was, I don't know if he was trying to be funny or not. He was just thinking he was scooping up poop out of his soup.

Tonight, much like most nights, Ava decided she didn't like what we were having for dinner before she even knew what it was. So she says, "I don't like that. I wish it could be like in a restaurant and I can just have what I want."

During dinner....
Rhys: Ava, eat your food.
Justin: Rhys, mind your own business.
Rhys: Ava, just take a bite.
Justin: Rhys!
Rhys: It is my business. It is, it is my business.
Justin: No it isn't, worry about your plate.
Rhys: It is my business. (arms crossed)
Ava: It isn't my business. I don't have a business. I am just not eating.

Rhys really likes mini wheats, all the time. They are good breakfast foods, snacks, whatever.

Rhys: Ummmm....I want meee-whees. With a bowl. (long pause) and a poon.

Monday, February 28, 2011

yeah, real fast

Ok here is some follow ups.

Ava had her individual assessment/interview for Kindergarten. She had no real skills to work on for the summer. She is just supposed to continue to practice her letter writing so she doesn't get rusty. We are just waiting for them to call and schedule the family interview.

I finished Ava's blanket. She loves it, or so she says. I am pretty happy with it. I don't have a picture of it really finished, all flat and blocked after the washing.

I did make a pair of booties. They are kind of ugly. Ava is using them for her dolls. I have learned from them and now feel confident to make booties as gifts.

We have been sick lately. Ava had an ear infection last week, though aside from one night of complaining it was pretty much like she had a cold. Rhys had a flu like thing last week, fever, cough, snot. Everything is gone except for all the snot and a little bit of cough. I think Rhys has had stuff pouring out of his nose for the last month. I am pretty much ready for winter to be over. There were a few warm days that melted everything and let us play outside. It was a tease and just makes the rest of winter harder to deal with. I have never been a winter complainer, but now I am. The kids need a change of scenery.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

so close

I am almost done with Ava's blanket. Hopefully in the next two days it will be finished. It will all depend on how much time I actually get to work on it. I am hanging out at home with sick little people. Ava just has a cold and cough but Rhys has a fever. Neither are sick-sick. Just enough to keep us home and keep them in full whining mode.

Ava has her individual assessment for kindergarten tomorrow. She meets with the teacher for about 20 minutes and they just play games to determine her skill levels. It doesn't make a difference as to whether or not she is accepted. They just want to know if there are areas she needs to work on before the fall.

Writing time is up. Rhys has decided it is a good idea to put a giant ball in the little tikes car and sit on it and get Ava to push him around. I don't see this ending well.

Friday, February 11, 2011

school days

A week ago Ava was the special person at school. That means she gets to bring in something for show and tell, bring the snack, and do all the special things that day in class, like be at the front of the line and other very important 4 year old things. She must have been slightly confused about the fact that this honor does not cross over into regular life. All morning she was saying, "but I am the special person!" "Rhys is trying to sit in my chair and I'm the special person." "Don't yell at me! You never yell at the special person!!!!!!!!" "Don't tell me what to do, I'm the special person!!!!"


I am confused as to how this actually happened. I am sure every parent feels this ways, but this morning I am going to be lining up to turn in Ava's application for kindergarten. We have officially decided to send Ava to a local private school. Since until adulthood, I never really knew anyone who went to a private school and always thought our public school provided a good education, I find it still somewhat odd that we have decided to go with private school. Anyway I break it down, I know this is the right decision for our family. The state budget is going nowhere fast and that definitely doesn't mean amazing academics with small class sizes and art, music and foreign languages. I have been loving getting to watch Ava enjoy school. She comes home so happy almost every day. She talks about what they have learned and is excited to learn more. I really did love learning new things in school and I just want to continue to provide an environment for her that makes it fun to learn.

Then I start to think about the fact that she is going to be in kindergarten. She will be gone five mornings a week. I will be getting up, getting her dressed and ready for school five days a week. I will be dropping her off or setting up a car pool five days a week. Then I start to think this is possibly one of the strangest feelings ever. How did I get here? Carpools? Do people really do that? I thought that was just on tv. Seriously, there are going to be class parties, school volunteer hours to complete, fundraisers through out the year, all sorts of stuff. I just had my first child!!!!!!!! How can I already be doing the whole school mom thing? Ava and I are currently reading Farmer Boy by Laura Ingles Wilder before bed. Almanzo didn't go to school until he was 9. That makes a lot more sense to me!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is a tale of sadness and woe

So I finally finished a project. I finished and sewed together the slippers that were supposed to be for Ava for Christmas in early January. I felted them as directed. It took three rounds in the wash to make them uniformly tight. They had great shape and looked cute. Here is the part of sadness and woe. They came out to be about an adult size 5 or 6. That means they are a little small on me and gigantic on Ava. Ava cried about it and huffed and puffed at me and told me what a huge failure I was. Really, she just huffed and puffed and told me that they were way too big for her and I did it wrong. I didn't do it wrong though. I followed the measurements and directions of the pattern, the pattern just must not have been for the correct size. That is really all there is to it.

This is one of the finished slippers. Ava has stolen the other one and bound it with rubber bands in an attempt to make it fit her foot so it was not available for the picture. Switching this over to a positive note, these bad boys fit quite nicely in my purse for when I go to other people's houses and need some slippers. It is ok, I don't mind walking around looking like a giant elf.

So on to my next project. I am chugging away at it and making quite a bit of progress. Since I have the goal of finishing 12 projects in 2011, I need to finish this in February, so I can be 2 for 2. (I am totally counting the slippers even though they were really mostly done in November and December, because dang it, I finished them in January and some projects take a long time. I am also counting my 3 squares I finished in January for my square project group for kids in Africa. Might have to cushion the total come November, so right now I am really at 4 for 1.) I am making a blanket for Ava. It is the Dream Catcher Baby Blanket out of Spud and Chloe sweater yarn. I am just past the halfway point with the squares. I have been sewing them together when I can too. I figure it won't be so daunting at the end and it will force me to not rush the sewing and will have an overall better result. I am getting much more comfortable with the mattress stitch so hopefully I will be more confident when I sew together future clothing projects. Anyway, here is a picture of what I have finished.

Status of the second set of slippers...sitting alone and depressed and not finished because since the child size slippers turned out to be adult sized, I am not sure what giant will be able to wear the "adult" sized slippers.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

because I can

As you know, I like to do things for no other reason than I can. I think it is good to know how to do basic things on your own. Clothes don't always come from the store. Food doesn't always come from a box, can, or restaurant.

My newest endevor that I want to try. Making my own butter. I remember making it in kindergarden for our Thanksgiving party. I am slightly stumped at it only lasting for a week after I make it. Maybe I can freeze it? I don't know. I have just recently discovered the joys of butter over margarine much to the chagrin of my buttox, so I am no butter expert.

To be continued...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

what I dread

I have a friend on facebook who has a daughter with a birthmark that matches Ava's and who also has glaucoma. We see some of the same doctors, so we compare notes and share information. We have also talked about our own feelings regarding being the mom's of these awesome little girls. I have only talked to her on the phone a few times and have yet to meet her even though she lives 2 towns over, but I have probably been more honest and open with her regarding my feelings than with anybody else.

Her daughter is also in preschool this year. Ava had her laser treatment on the 30th. My friend's daughter had her laser treatment yesterday. She was feeling fine and went to dance class last night. She wanted to go to school today even though her mom wasn't going to make her. You never know just how bruised up and purple they will be after a treatment until you walk back to recovery. It depends on how wide the laser beam was, how many joules the machine was set for, etc. The other little girl had a treatment in October which didn't leave her very purple so her classmates kind of got eased into it.

They were standing in line ready to go to their classrooms and a couple of her classmates were asking her about her face. Her mom was there with her and they answered how they normally would. "She just had a laser treatment." Very basic stuff since she was talking to 4 year olds. Then the kids in the other class started laughing and pointing and making a big deal about it. Then the little girl started to cry. Then the mom started to cry. The mom was so upset and still crying when she was talking to me on the phone after she got home. She was upset that she cried in front of her daughter and wasn't strong for her, wasn't the example she thought she should be. I didn't have any words of wisdom for her. I just told her I would have cried too.


Today it snowed again. I thought it was a lovely, nice fluffy snow. I actually shoveled with no gloves on because it was just barely cold enough to snow and not windy at all. Remember when you were a kid and shoveling was fun? It used to be for me. I love things that I can see a clear change in my efforts. Mowing a really long lawn, shoveling clear paths in the snow. Things like that make me happy. Since we live in a townhouse and have an association, we have snow clearing service to the I don't have to shovel. Because it isn't my responsibility or job, it is still fun. I am sure the day we move and lose that service it will no longer be enjoyable at all.

Ava finally got to make her snow angel. I just really don't think about letting her play in the snow all that much. It is a lot of bundling up for her to be outside for 10 minutes. She made it about 40 since it wasn't that cold and I was ready for a mitten change when they got too damp and cold. I don't know what it is about the girl and snow angels, but apparently in her mind, that is the greatest thing you can do in the snow...or in the grass. I think she misses the whole "snow" aspect of it.

Currently reading: Lace Makers of Glenmara by Heather Barbien.
Next up: Father of the Rain by Lily King

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Am I the only one?

When I find something I really enjoy whether it be a movie, a book, a hobby, a shampoo, a cleaning product, some type of make up, I feel compelled to tell people about it so they too can experience the greatness. I have thought to myself why do I do this? Why do I reveal all my secrets? Like I know if I ever hire someone to clean my house, I will be sure to inform everyone that I didn't clean. I don't want to take credit for something that I didn't do. So I apparently always feel the need to share my own personal fountain of youth, metaphorically speaking. I could just keep my mouth shut and let people think my house just always smells amazing and I am naturally thin and beautiful.

A while ago, I mentioned ebates. I got my first rebate check about a week ago. It was almost $25. I did quite a bit of online shopping for Christmas and just generally buy things online. I prefer shopping for kids clothes online because it is easier for me to find their sizes. I just make sure I go through ebates first and I get credit for my purchases. I also get a percentage of my purchase back from Barnes and Noble when I buy books for my nook on the computer as long as I go through ebates first. I only get paid once a quarter so I really do have a chance to build up a pretty decent payout. See look...I just couldn't stop myself from sharing, once again.

We have had the stomach bug that everybody that I know has had, well almost everybody. I am the only one in this house who did not get it. I thought I did but I just felt bad. It is over and I have washed all the bedding and towels and clothes...

I started a new knitting project. It definitely won't be one I finish right away, but it will provide a nice change up here and there. I am almost done with Ava's slippers. I want to finish them today, I just need to get off this computer and start. I put in my 2 hours of cleaning already this morning so I am hoping to just hang out and do whatever I feel like until work. What ever I feel like as in what Rhys and Ava will let me do.

Monday, January 3, 2011


I just thought I would acknowledge the blogs that somehow have sent people to my blog.

Munchkin Mom

Terra Talking

Everyday Mom

Visions of Lilacs

Grocery Shopaholic


These are just in the last 2 months so if was before that, I do apologize. Even though I know who all of you are in real life, I didn't reveal your true identities.

Side note: Should I change my layout? I am kind of bored with it but not really wanting to try to fix it all (though I know it needs some fixing).

Do Not Disturb

Today is Justin's last day of vacation. He has been off since the 23rd. It has been awesome. We have had just enough to do to keep busy, but not too much that we feel crazy. The kids have been totally occupied with new toys and a change in routine and having 2 parents at all times. Everybody has been sleeping in late. It has seriously been like living a surreal life. The shine is definitely starting to wear off though. Yesterday there was a lot of fighting between Rhys and Ava. I am sure it doesn't help that Rhys wasn't feeling well. We are going to attempt to get the house all in order today so it will be like I have returned from a vacation too tomorrow. "Look no big messes! Just normal cleaning!" The biggest project will be the kids' room. We need to reorganize all the toys and get rid of some that are no longer age appropriate but taking up space.

What do you do with old toys? Do you save them for garage sales? Do you just take them to Goodwill? Some toys will come with me to work, but we aren't supposed to take "used" donations. Usually I can get away with bringing things in because I know what condition they are in but I know there isn't room for all the toys to be for the baby age.

I didn't set any resolutions. I have some goals for myself, but that is about it. I would like to finish 12 projects in 12 months. I am leaving it loose like that on purpose. I am going to focus on the counters being cleaned off before bed every night. This is going to take some team work though (Justin will learn of this goal when he reads this post.) Pepe is turning into a nice cat. If the counters and tables aren't temping him with things to knock off then maybe I won't be forced to hate much. We definitely want to take the kids to Disney by the end of the year. Ava is saving her pennies, literally. Every time she finds any bit of money she says, "Money for Disney!" and puts it in her piggy bank. We actually aren't going to use her change for the trip, but she can cash it all in and use it for souvenirs. So we are focusing on setting money aside and earning little bits of extra money when we can. That is about it. Nothing big, nothing major. I will toss out posting once a week. If I ever go back and write the posts I have been meaning to and back dating them I will NOT count it to my goal. Watch out, sometime there will be like 5 posts in one day all dated sometime in December.