Thursday, October 30, 2008


Posted pictures of the pumpkins on the other blog... this is a little taste.
I want one of these. I will be buying one in the near future....

I am pretty sure I will be ordering the one with the hooter hider label. I am classy like that.

Ava just fed the dog a full bag of treats.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

important question

This is something that I really need to know.

What songs always make you:

a) dance around in your head, house, car, whatnot?
b) want to turn it up and belt it out?

There are many other thought provoking questions I have rattling around in my head tonight relating to things like laundry baskets: use more or put multiple loads into one giant mound? or how many messages are too many to keep on an answering machine? but they aren't really that important of questions. I need the music ones answered. I NEED the answers. I think Ava's "big fire" is making the upstairs smell weird to me. (Ava is calling her humidifier many different things with the word fire in it. It is currently her big fire.) I need to go to bed and stop worrying about smells. Tomorrow starts early, and I am working the overnight so I actually do need to sleep.

Biggest Loser

I watched last night's episode of The Biggest Loser. I am seriously disliking 75% of the blue team. Usually I don't really cheer on a particular team, but right now it is hard not to. Just thought I would mention this very important detail in my life.

I am working on a blanket that I am giving as a gift. I am way more than halfway done. I did the first half pretty quickly but seemed to have lost my oomph. I have definitely been slowing down. I need to get on it. I have a few more that I have planned to make, but I have a feeling I honestly won't get to them.

We have serious plans for tomorrow night that involve painting pumpkins. I am guessing there will be some pictures posted by Friday. We didn't get too many pictures of Ava and the picking of the pumpkins this weekend because she really wasn't feeling the funk.

Tonight is the potluck at work. I at least don't have to worry about packing a dinner for myself. I did make a cake and then realized that I grabbed the wrong kind of icing off the shelf. I think the kind I have would work....but I don't want to experiment on something I am bringing to work for other people to eat. I haven't decided on what I will do. I am guessing it will depend on how early Ava wakes up from her nap to see if I have time to run to the store. I am guessing I won't so I need to just make a decision.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

34 weeks

I went for my 34 week check up today. Everything is good. Baby's heart rate was 165. (Those of you who were betting on it being a boy, due to the heart rate, better think research has completely dis proven that theory.) My blood pressure was 116/60, so no problems there. I think I actually had a .8 pound loss according to them....did I fail to mention at my last appointment they had me down for gaining 11 pounds? Their scale was off, I had just eaten, and the time before I hadn't eaten and was wearing shorts and a tank top. There were many factors that resulted in my "11" pound weight gain, which was really like 6, but that is besides the point. I am still 11 pounds under where I was when I had Ava, so I don't see myself going over that mark. My goal will be complete.

I actually had the same doctor today that delivered Ava. I actually hadn't seen her since the day Ava was born. She remembered me, which was nice. She also said something along the lines of the goal for this delivery would be to avoid all the craziness and drama of last time. (craziness and drama = being induced, muconium, hyper stimulation resulting in an irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath, decreased heart rate in Ava, consents for a c-section, delivery in the operating room, doctor thinking there was a partial placental abruption, limp, unresponsive baby.) It was actually nice to have her validate for me, 2 years later, that it was really as crazy as I remember. It clearly wasn't an everyday, run of the mill delivery for her. It doesn't change anything for me, but it was more of a "thanks, glad you saw it the same way."

We aren't canceling the installation of u-verse. Justin called today and asked a few questions, got things clarified, and got more discounts added on. It is now going to be significantly cheaper for us for 6 months, and just regularly cheaper for 6 months after that, and then just a little cheaper from there on out, if we don't get anymore promo specials added on.
Ahem, for those of you who don't have access to my normal posts, I am going to copy paste them here...minus pictures of my kid(s). If you want pictures, then comment or email and ask for them. If I know you, most likely I will give you the link and directions to get to my other blog. I will put on here when pictures are posted. Maybe if I get too lazy, I will put on here when I have posted a post....we will just have to see.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Things have been pretty steady here in our house.  Things are getting done.  Laundry, grocery shopping, bank trips, etc.  I have caulked the bathtub.  It only took me a week due to finding out the caulk I had was too old, and then I had to get around to going to buy more, even though I had already scraped out the old stuff.  If we only had one tub, I am sure the project would have been completed much faster. 

Nothing new on the baby front.  I go to the doctor tomorrow for my 34 week visit.  It is still trying to escape regularly.  I have dreams about hands and/or feet trying to come out of my skin to grab me.  No real gender dreams though.  We have gathered a sufficient amount of gender neutral sleepers to get us through the first couple weeks/month depending on the growth rate.  I have girl clothes if it is a girl, obviously.  I have been looking at boy clothes in the store, and so many of them are super lame.  I seriously do not like the pajama look on my kids when we go places, in general.  Ava always had little outfits.  A lot of the boy clothes look like pajamas with a truck or baseball bat on them.  I like the little man outfits.  What is wrong with a shirt and pants?  They have onesie type shirts that aren't stupid.  I am all about being  comfy but that doesn't mean the kid has to be dressed in sleepers 100% of the time.  And are power tools and sport stuff comfy?  Just curious.  I still feel fine.  I feel pregnant, but fine.  My back still hurts most of the time and I get tired, but I still consider that fine.  I am healthy and good to go, just happen to be pregnant. 

Ava is going to be "big Maggie" for halloween.  She is really going to be a pug, but she calls it Big Maggie.  We will see if she actually lets us put her costume on.  Crap!  Ava finished her swimming lessons Saturday.  I am debating signing her up for the next session.  It will obviously cause a problem since the class is 8 weeks long.  The next session starts tomorrow so I need to go sign her up tomorrow if we want to join.  I have asked Justin if he will take her to the last few since he will be home.  He hasn't given a clear answer.  I am not going to be able to take a class with her again unless it is on Saturday mornings which really don't work well for us, and I think she enjoys it so I really want to get her signed up.  I think she is going to do beginning dance classes after December, so I don't have to do it with her. 

That is pretty much what is going on in our life right now.  Same old, same old, but still fun. 


So here are a couple things that have gotten on my nerves. doesn't have any copies of books available that I actually want to read.  I feel like I am always mailing out books because I actually list ones that people want.  (Justin, you should have me re-list books you are done with, unless you are planning on keeping them forever).  I am running out of books but I have a list of at least 40 that I want to read but can't get my hands on them. 

I am also really annoyed at Ava saying she is hungry but refusing to eat what is given to her.  She has gotten insanely picky and is wasting a ton of food.  I am pretty sure it is just her way of being in control of things but seriously, you can't live off of fruit snacks and goldfish crackers.  Well you could, but it isn't very healthy.

I am also annoyed that certain keys on my keyboard decide not to work randomly.  During this post it is the comma.  I have to go back and hit it hard to make it work. 

In other news, dinner dishes are done and the ceiling fan has been cleaned.  Bath time is coming up and I will fold a couple loads of laundry so I have pants for tomorrow and then I am calling it a night, housework wise. 

OOOH!  Another annoying thing.  I read that the networks are discussing chucking Pushing Daisies.  I seriously love that show!  It is so different and fun.  The dialog cracks me up and the colors are so pretty.  I will never get to see it in HD if they cancel it since Justin has voted we cancel the installation of U-verse, so no HD receiver in this house yet.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

quote of the day

This evening Ava was talking to Val. Val was asking about the new baby.  Val said, "What is the baby's name?"  Ava said, "Jesus."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I got soup

I remembered something I was going to write about.  Ava loves the one song by The Killers that the chorus goes, "I got soul, but I'm not a soldier."  She will actually sing along with that part and knows all the words.  When she talks about the song, she calls it, "Got soup/soul, soap" depending on the day.  Sometimes she drops the "got" and goes with the one word name.  So we were in the car listening to the radio, and a different Killers song comes on, I don't remember which one, just one of their bigger radio hits.  She goes,"This got soup? Yes, its soup!"  I told her it was a different song but the same band.  She sat and listened for a while, and then said, "Nope, it not soup."  but in a very confused voice.  I didn't have the ability to distinguish which band was which, without knowing individual songs until at least high school, possibly even college.  I remember when I started listening to country music, I couldn't figure out who people could tell the male singers apart.  To me they all kind of sounded the same.  Soon after I was able to tell them apart, so I would guess that would be my junior year of high school-ish.  She has definitely beaten me there. 

I have sold most of my diapers by the way.  Who knew previously pooped in diapers would be hot items on Craig's list.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wow, long time no post

I keep meaning to post something, I just don't get around to it.  I don't really remember what all I have been meaning to say right now.  Oh well I guess.

I am working hard on some blankets.  Hopefully I can have some finished soon. 

I have also decided to sell my cloth diapers.  So far I have two people interested in two kids that I have.  That only leaves like 20 more diapers to be sold.  It is kind of sad selling them.  They were really cute and I enjoyed picking them out.  I just did not enjoy washing them.

Ava has gotten old.  This weekend we were at a baptism reception thingy in a house she had never been to before, with people she had never met.  She was completely willing to go off with a stranger with the promise of toys upstairs and kids to play with.  She just left us and would come back randomly for food and then go back to playing.

I am going to a chiropractor for my back.  I have had two adjustments so far and it seems to be helping.  I am able to do more and it isn't hurting quite as bad as soon when I do all that stuff. 

I am having an odd reaction to simply homemade food in combination with shopping at walmart.  I miss shopping at Dominicks.  I want to go back.  I want there to be food to make, actually cook in the house.  I miss some of the things we used to eat.  I want to shop in a clean grocery store with short lines.  I am a little mad at walmart right now for being so seductive with its location and somewhat low prices.  I really hate shopping there, yet that is always where I end up.  Now we use their diapers...for the love.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

awwww cwab

Ava says crap.  I thought last weekend she said it, but her version of clap and what could be crap, sound the same.  I think she was really talking to her toy and saying, "clap, clap, clap."  Yesterday she asked Justin to put lotion on her hands.  He tried opening a sample soap bottle, that had a seal on it.  I told him it was soap.  He told her that he couldn't put lotion on her hands because it won't work.  She said, "Awwwwww cwab.  Yep, its cwab."  You had to hear her tone.  I was cracking up.  It was seriously one of the funniest things I have ever heard.  We obviously told her not to say crap, that it isn't a nice word, but it was still funny.  So if you hear her say things are cwab in a very negative tone, we are pretty sure she is saying crap, and feel free to correct her. 

In other news, I thought I would toss out some favorite winter perfume scents.  Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden, Chance by Chanel, and for a softer scents, Cashmere Mist by Donna Karen and Daisy by Marc Jacobs.  I went with some spicier scents for recommendations.  I feel like it is fall now, and it makes me think warm, spicey thoughts, so there are my recommendations.  Do I expect anyone to run out and buy some perfume based on these suggestions?  No.  Just thought I would list them.  I went on a perfume smelling trip today and I just compiled a list of my favorites.