Tuesday, October 28, 2008

34 weeks

I went for my 34 week check up today. Everything is good. Baby's heart rate was 165. (Those of you who were betting on it being a boy, due to the heart rate, better think again...plus research has completely dis proven that theory.) My blood pressure was 116/60, so no problems there. I think I actually had a .8 pound loss according to them....did I fail to mention at my last appointment they had me down for gaining 11 pounds? Their scale was off, I had just eaten, and the time before I hadn't eaten and was wearing shorts and a tank top. There were many factors that resulted in my "11" pound weight gain, which was really like 6, but that is besides the point. I am still 11 pounds under where I was when I had Ava, so I don't see myself going over that mark. My goal will be complete.

I actually had the same doctor today that delivered Ava. I actually hadn't seen her since the day Ava was born. She remembered me, which was nice. She also said something along the lines of the goal for this delivery would be to avoid all the craziness and drama of last time. (craziness and drama = being induced, muconium, hyper stimulation resulting in an irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath, decreased heart rate in Ava, consents for a c-section, delivery in the operating room, doctor thinking there was a partial placental abruption, limp, unresponsive baby.) It was actually nice to have her validate for me, 2 years later, that it was really as crazy as I remember. It clearly wasn't an everyday, run of the mill delivery for her. It doesn't change anything for me, but it was more of a "thanks, glad you saw it the same way."

We aren't canceling the installation of u-verse. Justin called today and asked a few questions, got things clarified, and got more discounts added on. It is now going to be significantly cheaper for us for 6 months, and just regularly cheaper for 6 months after that, and then just a little cheaper from there on out, if we don't get anymore promo specials added on.