Thursday, December 9, 2010


Ava had a pretty early eye appointment this morning.  It actually probably isn't that early for most people, probably closer to midmorning, but for us, it was early, especially since we had to leave 45 minutes before the appointment started to make sure we got there on time.  So both kids were dressed and mostly groomed.  Rhys' hair typically has no hope.  It always looks like he just woke up so I just let it go.  I get it wet, he puts on a hat and it all ends the same.  I was neither...barely dressed all the way as it turns out, since I found out my zipper had been down the whole time when we got home.  I am on a roll!

Anyway, for once there was no wait.  We were in and out of the rooms like nobody's business which is nice when it turns out to be an hour and a half long appointment.  Rhys was a little out of hand, so Ava sat up in the exam chair all by herself.  I will pretty much let her do this all the time from now on because she did amazing.  There was no silly baby talk or pretending to be shy.  She called out the pictures on the wall with enthusiasm, she held still, she cooperated with three different sets of drops (though she did wipe the yellow dye ones on the sleeve of her white sweater).  She even let them do pressure checks with the tonal pen
and the Goldmann applanation tonometer

The doctor decided she did so well that he wanted to get a picture of her optic nerve. So We got to do that test too, which is look into a little lens with a tiny green light in it and stare straight ahead and hold still while the computer takes a bunch of pictures of the back of her eye. She managed to do this too. The eye doctor said she was probably the first 4 year old he has ever seen that has been able to actually get a picture.

Anyway, the end result of the appointment was her pressures were up a tiny bit in her left eye, with a slightly more noticeable cupping of the optic nerve in the left eye and some slight difference in the nerve based on the fancy picture. Her left eye has always been the "good eye". I vaguely remember when we had our surgery consult at Children's the doctor wanted to do surgery on the left eye first. We were confused as to why she wanted to do the good eye, but I guess it does make sense now. We are adding a drop of xalatan to the left eye at night, instead of just doing the right eye.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I knew it

During preschool orientation, the teachers did a little skit, to show parents the rules of preschool. They kindly mocked common arguments that take place to get out the door, mistakes parents make, like being late to pick up their children, etc. One of them was forgetting to send things to school. I was thinking to myself, "That will never be me. I have this whole involved parent thing down." I already had every school day, day off, special event put in the calendar. I signed up to be a room helper and had it planned out in my head what I could do with Rhys on those days. I was ready. And then Monday happened. I go to pick up Ava and the teacher pops her head in and instead of a fun little fact of the day I heard, "Ava was the Special Person today, but don't worry, we had back up snacks. Do you need a calendar?"

I am a horrible mother. On Special Person day, Ava gets to bring in a snack of her choice, something for show and tell, and lead the class in every line or special thing they do. The thing that made me bitter was the whole "do you need a calendar?" comment. I have the stinkin calendar right on the fridge. I know everyday what the theme will be. I know if she needs to wear a certain color or bring in an item. The schedule for Special Person is on the back!!!!!! I didn't flip it. I knew Ava was the special person one of the days, I just really thought it was next week. I even thought about it before we left the house. We had been discussing what she would bring in (her picture book from San Diego) and what her snack will be (cheese sticks). I apologized profusely to Ava. She is told me over and over again that it is fine. Then she will say, "Remember, when you forgot I was the Special Person?"

I knew this day would come. Soon I will show up to school in my bathrobe and slippers. Since this is often how I spend the morning, it is a distinct possibility.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am planning this whole advent craft thing for Ava. So far it is slow going because it is December 1st and I haven't gotten around to wrapping up all the individual projects. I have collected most of the supplies though. Maybe her advent will start on Monday. She doesn't really know that it is supposed to be 25 days right?

Ava has planned a vacation to Disney. She clearly doesn't get the concept that she has to pay for this vacation. She decided it would be for Justin's birthday next year. Turns out she will have a full week off of school for Thanksgiving so we could try to make the trip Saturday through Wednesday and still be back for Thanksgiving. She managed to keep this a secret from Justin for about 3 weeks. Which is good for her because she tends to blurt things out when she gets really excited. She talks about the trip just about every day so we are definitely going to try to make this happen. All spare change is going in "Ava's family vacation" jar.

The school year is just about halfway over and that is insane to me. I feel like she just got started. It is definitely going by fast and we are in a routine. I can now see how moms look forward to school starting up again after breaks, just to get back to the normal routine. Ava can now write almost all of her letters and is figuring out the sounds. She isn't reading yet, but she is definitely recognizing some words.

I finished one slipper. I am on to slipper number 2. It isn't the matching slipper to the first one. It is for Ava instead. I like to delay my sense of accomplishment apparently. I really just wanted to have to finish at least 2 pairs. And I didn't have enough yarn to make the full 2nd adult size one, so I wanted to be able to finish another slipper before I had to buy more.