Friday, January 30, 2009

disney on ice

Last weekend Ava went to see Disney on Ice with my brother, his wife and her niece Aria. Here is my brother's guest post about the day.

Ava was the most well behaved 2 year old there! She was very excited about the car ride to EMJ. When we asked her what her favorite part of the day was she said it was watching the movie in the car.

When we got to EMJ she wanted nothing to do with the pizza or cookies that were in great abundance. She did however want to eat every grape they had in the building. She picked out Aria’s juicebox for her saying, “Yeah, she would like this one. It’s good.”

She tore right into the gift bag full of toys and candy. She especially loved the airheads! She devoured the blue one (once she figured out how to eat it) then promptly requested the green. “Now Green?”

When we got on the bus, she was again very excited. She sat calmly and didn’t fidget. I think she felt very grown up sitting with Aria in their own little seats. She screamed with glee as the bus showed re-runs of America’s Funniest Home Video’s


The woman behind her agreed, after all, it was indeed a baby on tv.

When we pulled up to the Allstate Arena and the bus stopped she announced to anyone who would listen that it was “Time for my show!”

We waded through the crowds of people and she even walked up most of the stairs herself. She got to pickout her one souvenir. She reached for a plush Lightning McQueen… it was attached to the display. The whole thing nearly came tumbling down.

We finally got back to the seats and she would not sit in her chair. She chose instead to stand, then sit on Diana’s lap, then mine. She applauded for everything and talked to herself, announcing every character she recognized… until she fell asleep. She was out cold for the entire intermission. People walked past and I had to move out of the way for them, carrying her with me, she never came close to awake.

She awoke with a start just as Tinkerbell was unveiled. She shot awake exclaiming “TINKERBELL!!!”

After the show we walked back to the bus and she once again discussed the baby on the tv and her excitement to watch more movies in the car. All in all it was a wonderful day and me and Diana can’t wait for the next time we kidnap Ava for the day.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Rhys woke up this morning feeling very warm. I thought he had a fever, but in my delusional half awake state, I somehow came to the conclusion that he didn't. I can't even remember what made me figure that out but then he seemed happy and wasn't hot anymore, so I thought he was good. He slept all morning in his carseat because I had to go to the doctor myself and then I just let him keep sleeping. I woke him up to feed him after 4 hours and he was hot once again. Under his arm it was 101. The "official" temp was 100.8. We ended up going back to the doctor. The doctor sent us to the ER. He was tested for the basic stuff. It wasn't as easy as could be because they couldn't find a vein to draw blood from. After five tries they were able to get some and it clotted before they could do it. Got another sample, and it clotted. They tried again with just a normal heal stick, and that sample clotted. They then did an arterial stick, and that clotted. The doctor was honestly just going to order the lumbar puncture (which would mean we would be in the hospital for 48 hours while he was on IV antibiotics) and the nurse said that they might as well try to get another sample out of a scalp vein first. That finally worked and the results came back all clear. We were able to go home and just watch things. Seriously, 3 hours after getting home, his fever is gone, at least for now. The diagnosis was that it was something viral. It was the assumption from the beginning, but they had to make sure it wasn't something else. He is now sleeping and will be hopefully for the rest of the night. I didn't go to work as planned. Always good to call in on day 2.

Thanks followers

Thanks to the couple people who are now "following" my blog. Not sure how that is working out for you, but hopefully it has been a pleasant experience.

My brain is seriously so scattered, it is so hard to remember what I planned to write. Is there post-partum ritalin? Helps moms focus! Maybe it is all of my dha from my brain being leached out and given to Rhys. Do they study whether or not your IQ drops with each child? Just curious. Someone do a research project.

Yesterday Ava was being full out evil. Lots of yelling, throwing things, crying. But when she would decide to turn it off (it really was a decision, since she could switch moods in an instant) she was being pretty funny. She said something which made me think I should put these in my blog, but as said in the previous paragraph, I have brain issues, and I don't remember what that was. We were driving home and we passed a road crew truck. There was someone standing in the back. She said, "Oh no! the guy! the guy in the truck! Somebody better move that guy!" Ava-Safety Patrol. I had talked about going to babies r us, and after stopping at the bank, wasn't really feeling up to dealing with the evil one in a store. She reminded me about going to the store so I said oh ok, I forgot. "Silly Mommy." We pull up to our spot in the parking lot, and the snow on the side of the curb had melted some and grass was actually showing. "Look a snake!" I told her I didn't see a snake. She said, "its a snow snake. See, its all white. It likes to eat things. It eats snow and cookies. hahah, silly Ava." At least she amuses herself. She did fine in the store, until I told her to hold my hand. "No I not. I hold my hand." I look back, and she is holding her own hand. Clearly too occupied to hold onto mine.

I went back to work last night. I thought it went well and since I normally am up until midnight, it wasn't too bad sleep wise. It is just the extra 45 minutes to an hour that I am afterward that kind of messes me up. Rhys had apparently waited to go all the way to sleep until I got home and he could have a one minute nursing nuzzle and then he was out. (In my bed of course, but I have decided to stop fighting it. It worked for Ava, so I just need to get over it. I don't even know why I have been trying to put him in his bed in the middle of the night, other than I want to have feeling in my arms and roll over sometimes) Everyone was up by six or six thirty this morning so that was fun. Rhys was put on zantac the other day, and since then he has made it at least 3.5 hours at night before he wakes up. It used to be 2. First night he went 5 hours. Hopefully this will help us get closer to him sleeping mostly through the night...soon in his own bed. Ava weighed a lot less than he does so it took a lot longer.

Both of them are actually sleeping right now. Rhys still in his carseat, but who cares! I have two hands. I don't know what to do with myself. So much that needs to be done or can be done. I should be sleeping, but I had just gotten a coffee and it needs to be consumed. I have actually booked a day with my sister to have her watch both kiddies, not at my house, so I can just clean for 3 hours and see what I get done. I am hoping that we can get a lot of the picking up taken care of ahead of time, so I can get to the stuff that always gets put off, like the cleaning of the freezer and fridge and dusting.

Ok, now I have to move on to do other things. More two handed activities coming my way!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

good bye weekend

Bullet points of the weekend...without the bullets.

I just put Rhys to sleep on his stomach, he went from wide awake to totally asleep in a couple minutes. I flipped him back over, so we will see if he stays asleep now. Stupid SIDS. I would have a much easier life if he could just fall asleep on his belly without me feeling insane paranoia.

I got a new alarm clock, one that has numbers that light up so I can see what time it is when I am up in the middle of the night. I have told Rhys that I don't believe that he really needs to eat, feeling like I had just finished feeding him 5 minutes before. Justin moves enough so I can see the clock on his side of the bed and it is actually almost 3 hours later. Ooops. My new clock has an ipod dock, so I now have a nature sounds playlist to listen to at bed time. I also now appreciate the "sleep" feature on the clock. Never understood it before.

Ava went to see Disney on Ice on Saturday. She says she had fun. I will have to see if I can get a guest writer to tell me about it, since we didn't go with her. First big girl outing without us.

Christmas tree is still up, but the bathrooms are clean and half hte laundry is done and put away. I have also made a chart to attempt to organize the whole cleaning/house maintenance issue. See that was a useful and practical use of my time, instead of doing the actually cleaning part.

Friday, January 23, 2009

theme song?

I am sure everyone has songs that make them think of certain times, people, even seasons, when they hear them.  I was just listening to my ipod and came across my "theme" song for when Ava was little.  I guess it wasn't so much my theme song, as it was the song playing in the background, in the soundtrack of my movie/life.   Rhys makes certain faces and does things all the time that remind me so much of Ava that I can't help but reflect on what she was like at this age.  I look at old pictures to compare them and all that.  This time around, things have been so different, on all ends, that is easier to identify things that were going on in my head with Ava.  I had nothing to compare it to before.   Anyway, the song that will always make me think of Ava and the first couple months of her life is "Praise You In This Storm" by Casting Crowns. (Give it a listen, by clicking on the video link below.)  I had it on a cd, and would just play it over and over again in the car, singing pretty much as loud as I could as I cried.  I think driving was sometimes the only really alone time I got.  Obviously, I don't recommend driving, singing, and crying, being done all at the same time.  It probably doesn't make for the safest driving conditions.  Either way it worked for me.  The first month or so of Ava's life was definitely a "come to Jesus" time for both of us.  Justin was wheeling and dealing with God, making bargains if everything turned out ok.  I was overwhelmed with everything, new baby, new life, new love, in addition to the pain, guilt, and fear.  I think it was so intense that I couldn't begin to talk about it with anyone else.  I couldn't even really let myself fully acknowledge to myself how I was feeling or what I was thinking.  It was just too painful.  I obviously did not like to discuss how I was feeling because it was pretty much like poking at an open wound.  Justin and I talked to each other a lot but I don't think either of us were completely open about everything, not wanting to put make the other feel worse or worry.  I was confused that people assumed that everything was fine because I acted fine.  I wondered if they actually knew me at all, and if they knew how I had always handled emotional things.  So I would drive, sing, and cry and give it all up to God. 

And that's my story.  The end.

What a horrible ending.  I am totally distracted. Rhys is crying and I have lost my train of thought.  Looking back on the whole experience, it was excellent, and perfect and made us all better and stronger.  

So I wonder what Rhys' theme song will be?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


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the game

I now have pink little squares all over my house. Ava was "watching" Rhys while I was in the shower this morning. They were both in the bathroom with me. Ava decided to empty a package of pads. I heard her counting and was wondering what she could possibly be counting in the bathroom. She had them spread out all over Rhys and said it was a game. She keeps taking some with her where ever she goes so she can continue to "play her game." Good times.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

quick post with poopy boy on my lap

Rhys pretty much does the opposite of what I say he does, as soon as I say. He has been happy lately, only a little crabby in the evenings. Don't worry I know I have now cursed myself by saying it. Last night he allowed me 5 hours asleep in a row last night. I also got to take a little nap today, so I feel all caught up on sleep. Probably to prepare me for the night I will have ahead of me of not sleeping. He has not wanted to be put down all day, so my arms are burning. Oh well, he will be too big soon enough and I will be missing my little cuddly baby that wanted to be held all day.

I am totally annoyed by the weather. I know it is harder to get out of the car with two kids to begin with, but aside from the dangerous cold, it sucks to take bundled up Ava out in the cold. All the parking lots are kind of slippery so I am either carrying her and the carseat, or I have her walk and then she gets snow on me and in the car. Rhys is actually way easier to get in and out if we go places. Plus, I am trying to avoid going out and just spending money for the heck of it, therefore, we have stayed in. (Take note, if you have more than two kids, I am not saying woe is is woe is us.)

I have started my new crocheting project. I am having a much harder time with it. Reading can be done with one hand, crocheting cannot.

Ava has been using her mini-boppy to hold her baby, lifts up her shirt and says that the baby is eating. It was just a matter of time.

I just looked up to see what we were doing when Ava was 4 weeks old. That was the day we got the results of her first MRI. Wow, a baby that is 4 weeks old that hasn't been put under anesthesia, hasn't had an IV, and has only had one doctor's appointment. No wonder it seems like time is flying by.

I really had something to write about and I can't remember what I was going to say. Common problem right now. Random pictures to post to make up for it. (oh, you must go to the pw blog to see pictures).

Monday, January 12, 2009

Apparently there might be a blizzard tonight. It is odd. I feel antsy right now and knowing that the weather is too bad to really go outside makes me feel it all that much more. Odd thing is, I am feeling antsy, but not really motivated to get everybody packed up. I could in theory clean something or fold some laundry, but that is not really all that enjoyable. I think taking a nap sounds the best actually. Maybe I am not feeling antsy at all, just not wanting to be doing what I am doing since i want to be sleeping.

Rhys has had pretty good sleeping nights lately. He does like to get up for an hour or so around 4 or 5. He is happy awake so it isn't that bad. Evenings have been interesting. He definitely gets more fussy around 4pm. Saturday night he was raging mad from about 4 until midnight. He would calm down but start all over if you moved him at all. It was a good time. I am glad we didn't go to our friends' party like previously planned. That would have made for a long drive and a very long party.

He is keeping in the family tradition of pooping out the diaper at church. Ava did it every week. No idea why she only would do it on Sunday's but she did. So far Rhys has managed to get the poop to at least leak out a bit every Sunday he has been in church. This week he went up his back and then later while changing him he got it on every piece of clothing he had on and his blanket. That was only the 2nd time he has ever gone up his back.

Ava is adjusting a little more. Still whining and now she has started to throw temper tantrums, which is interesting. I have gotten her back to only having her bobo for bed. Doesn't mean she doesn't ask for it all day, but little by little it will get better.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

almost 3 weeks

Super fast post. Ava is holding Rhys and you never know how long that will last. Rhys will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. So far things are going well. He has finally figured out the whole nursing thing and we now have a much better relationship. He is definitely growing as I think today is his last day in newborn size clothing, for the most part. He is getting longer, not necessarily chubbier. I doubt that he will stay as stocky as when he was born. He has been smiling at us on occasion for over a week. He gets a few coos out too. He mostly likes to hum when he eats. He has been excellent at night generally and even on his "bad" nights they really aren't anything to complain about. I love it that Ava still will sleep in until 9 or 10. (It used to be 8 but Justin's month home kind of adjusted the routine a bit.) It allows me to stay in bed and make up for any time I am up during feedings, etc.

Ava is adjusting. She really does like him. She just wishes that we didn't have to hold him all the time or pay any attention to him. She wants to be on my lap while i am feeding him, wants me to pick her up when i am carrying him, things like that. We are working on putting an end to the constant whining that has gotten out of hand, but that is easier said than done. I think part of it will get better now that Justin has gone back to work and we will get back to our "normal" routine.

Yesterday was my first day home with both of them and it went really well. Ava was whiney but what else is new. Rhys actually let me sleep for 4 hours straight. I was able to shower before Ava got up. I got all of us dressed and we had breakfast at the table (doesn't always happen at the table). I put together the double stroller (minus screwing in the handle bar, couldn't get the stupid screws in all the way, so I left it. Just can't go backwards.) and we went to Barnes and Noble and Kohl's. By the end I was tired, but it went well. We had lunch (thanks McDonald's) and then it was nap time. Ava didn't actually nap, but she was upstairs. Justin was home by 4:30 which means I was really only awake and alone with them for 7 hours, but oh well. By the time I went to try to go to bed at 10, I was done and tired. Rhys didn't really feel like going to bed until after midnight and wanted to eat all night long, so I have a feeling yesterday was just a little gift and today will be our real day. We are all still in our pajamas if that is any indication.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Tomorrow is my 3rd to last day of full time work.  I have been off for about 10 days now and it feels very weird to go home.  I think it will be weirder to be home without Justin since he has been with me the whole week.  I am starting to make little plans in my head of things I want to try to accomplish to keep my days from getting long.  I mostly sat around when I was home on maternity leave and after a bit I got very bored.  Plan some playdates people.  I am planning an outing to the children's museum in week one, if anyone is interested in joining me.  Anyway, we have been staying up late, sleeping in very late, including Ava.  (10am, I know be very jealous, my kid is a college student)  Getting her to bed at a reasonable time did not go over well tonight. 10:15 I think she finally gave up the fight.  Last night, she was seriously up until 1am.  (that is not normal for her at all) and she took a long long nap today, so I don't think she was ready to go to bed.   Oh well, she will be up at 7 tomorrow whether she likes it or not. 

Biggest Loser Couples premier tonight...I liked it.  I am glad the people who went home, went.  It annoys me to see people who aren't totally into it.  All day there was weight loss shows and dieting commercials on.  If you aren't inspired to lose weight, then the big TV people didn't do their job.  They mostly made me want to eat, showing me all that food, but to see the scale go down too.  I am not going to try to lose weight, just to eat yummy food.  It might have the opposite affect.