Tuesday, January 6, 2009

almost 3 weeks

Super fast post. Ava is holding Rhys and you never know how long that will last. Rhys will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. So far things are going well. He has finally figured out the whole nursing thing and we now have a much better relationship. He is definitely growing as I think today is his last day in newborn size clothing, for the most part. He is getting longer, not necessarily chubbier. I doubt that he will stay as stocky as when he was born. He has been smiling at us on occasion for over a week. He gets a few coos out too. He mostly likes to hum when he eats. He has been excellent at night generally and even on his "bad" nights they really aren't anything to complain about. I love it that Ava still will sleep in until 9 or 10. (It used to be 8 but Justin's month home kind of adjusted the routine a bit.) It allows me to stay in bed and make up for any time I am up during feedings, etc.

Ava is adjusting. She really does like him. She just wishes that we didn't have to hold him all the time or pay any attention to him. She wants to be on my lap while i am feeding him, wants me to pick her up when i am carrying him, things like that. We are working on putting an end to the constant whining that has gotten out of hand, but that is easier said than done. I think part of it will get better now that Justin has gone back to work and we will get back to our "normal" routine.

Yesterday was my first day home with both of them and it went really well. Ava was whiney but what else is new. Rhys actually let me sleep for 4 hours straight. I was able to shower before Ava got up. I got all of us dressed and we had breakfast at the table (doesn't always happen at the table). I put together the double stroller (minus screwing in the handle bar, couldn't get the stupid screws in all the way, so I left it. Just can't go backwards.) and we went to Barnes and Noble and Kohl's. By the end I was tired, but it went well. We had lunch (thanks McDonald's) and then it was nap time. Ava didn't actually nap, but she was upstairs. Justin was home by 4:30 which means I was really only awake and alone with them for 7 hours, but oh well. By the time I went to try to go to bed at 10, I was done and tired. Rhys didn't really feel like going to bed until after midnight and wanted to eat all night long, so I have a feeling yesterday was just a little gift and today will be our real day. We are all still in our pajamas if that is any indication.

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  1. Congrats, Mama - I never had any doubts that you could do it!


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