Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Certain Giirls by Jennifer Weiner

I can't really review this book.  This is the sequal to Good in Bed.  I loved the first book so much that it was really hard to get an unbiased opinion of this one, other than it wasn't as good as the first. I can't rate it alone. 

Next up : Giants In the Earth.

Monday, April 28, 2008

whats goin on

Ava has this very disgusting habit of getting her hands wet in the dog bowl and then patting her cheeks, like she is washing her face.  Just thought I would share.

Today she had a rough go of a large poop.  Her commentary was, "I pooping!  I pooping!  Open! Open!"  She says open when things are stuck.  Clearly her poop was. 

Ava has also decided that she is very into whispering.  She is not always clear when she is speaking normally, so the whispering doesn't help the situation. 

While putting her shoes away, she will stop and gasp and start dancing if a commercial comes on with a song that she likes.

She is now feeding her baby "wonies" that she has found in her seat from dinner.  "Wonies" translates into macaroni.  Oh her bowl was still on the table from dinner.  She took it down and is now eating her cold wonies.  "oh! yummy!"  She is eating more of it now than she did at dinner. 

Friday, April 25, 2008

Ava had fallen asleep in the chair sitting up.  I guess she kept rolling over until she rolled her way off.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bobos back.  Back again.  bobos back bobos back bobos back.   (can you hear slim shady?) The scab is falling off.  Scabs falling off are unbelievably disgusting to me. 

Ava went to a park today and was playing.  She had a good time.  As we were leaving she walked right into a bike rack.  Essentially, she walked into a pole.  It really was kind of funny.  Though she didn't see it that way.

I did have a post all set up today, in my head, but we had internet problems. 

I was supposed to be at a training today and tomorrow for work.  Apparently it was cancelled and nobody bothered to tell me. I happened to call work to see if I could wear jeans to the training and was told the training wasn't going on.  This was ten minutes before I was supposed to leave.

Friday, April 18, 2008

6 weeks

So I am six weeks on the dot and the puking has begun.  Yesterday I thought I might, but I didn't.  This morning I had a headache and then on came the pukes.  I feel significantly better now that I actually did throw up.  When I was pregnant with Ava, I only threw up once under similar circumstances.  I am hoping that this will be a one time deal.  We will just have to see though.

Yesterday was our anniversary.  I had to work, but came home a little early.  We used that time to actually have a conversation, and then Ava was up, so I took care of her while Justin finished his homework.   Good times.

good bye bobo

Monday Ava had another laser treatment.  She of course got a nice crusty spot on her chin by Tuesday from her bobo rubbing a sensitive area.  Wednesday it was just getting worse.  She then had to go cold turkey off the bobo.  She has found a couple here and there and has gotten upset about it, but so far every day has gotten easier.   We are going to try to just break the habit now.  We can't feel mean because she just really can't have it right now.  It makes it much easier to not give in.  Last night she even went to sleep at night fine without it.  Today she didn't even ask for it at nap time.   She has been getting up a lot during the night to look for it, so we figure this will be a win win situation.  What i have noticed, though is now she grinds her teeth...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Yay! Daisy didn't win Rock of Love II.  This is important pop culture information.

I am going to attempt to shop this week, with my coupons from www.grocerygame.com.  We will see how it works.

Also, Salon Selectives is back out!!! I used to love how that stuff smells.  You know I will be going to get some.

Sushi for Beginners

3 - Sushi for Beginners  by Marian Keyes. 

I have read quite a few of Marian Keyes books.  I enjoyed this one, but it really didn't stand up compaired to some of her others.  She didn't have quite the same amount of humor.  Once I was done with the book, I kind of was like waht was the point of this whole person's story???  The story is written from an omni-present point of view, some of the time, well possibly all of the time, I didn't notice ALL of the time, which I don't see in too many books lately.  It was more or less the story of three people and what goes on in each of their lives for a certain chunk of time.  It was just kind of awkwardly put together, I think.   Entertaining, but not great.  Does that mean I should have given it a 2?  I have forgotten my own rating scale.  I am definitely going to re-list it.  I won't be reading it again.

Next on the list, the newly released Certain Girls by Jennifer Weirner.

I did my grocery shopping.  I saved $41.  I am not all that impressed with it.  I sometimes wonder if I end up spending more somehow, shopping for the sales.  Getting things that aren't needed....

Friday, April 11, 2008

December 13, 2008


Thursday, April 10, 2008

new phrases

Justin is gone for a conference.  It is raining.  I am really hoping Ava is in an amazing mood today, or it is going to be a very long day.  I like it that I just saw her pooping, asked her if she was, and she said no.  Now I smell her.  Lying already.... She really doesn't care to get her diaper changed that much anymore.  It ruins her good time.   With Justin being gone tonight, I am glad I watched Criminal Minds last night.  That show always creaps me out.  I  would have issues if I only had my wuss dog Dori to protect me after watching that show. 

I got a book in the mail yesterday that I pre-ordered a while ago.  Always a fun surprise.  Jennifer Weiner's new book.  I hopefully will get through the book I am reading now, sometime soon, so I can start that one. 

Ok, some of Ava's new phrases that are just funny.

Oopsie -"oopa see"

Okie dokie - "okie okie"

and now the best.  When talking to her babies, she saws, "aw come on now."  hmmmm Daddy, where does she get that one from?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Into the Wild

We watched Inot the Wild last night.  I thought it was pretty good.  It was very pretty to look at.  It is based on a true story so it definitely doesn't have a typical movie ending. 

We have lots of sprouts now.  Some a couple inches high.  All five pots of herbs and some of the flowers. 

Ava is liking the warm weather.  It is funny that we think it is warm and it is 50 degrees.  What would we do if it suddenly went up to 75!!

So last night I followed a recipe for Smokey Tomato Bisque.  It was good...except for the fact that they wanted me to add tablespoon of spices.  I think they really meant teaspoons but there was no way to know this until we were eating it and could barely choke it down.  We turned it into a pretty good creamy sauce.  We have about a gallon of it.  I am a little pissed that the recipe was rated 4 out of 5 stars by 15 people.  I am like have you ever eaten anything good before? 

My laptop is now wireless!  It also has double the memory that it came with.  I am set.  It is awesome.  Cords won't hold me down.

We cleaned up the playroom tonight, and then within 5 minutes Ava had it destroyed again.  She was like oooh, sorted toys.  Lets dump them all.

Friday, April 4, 2008


So everytime I hear this song on the radio, I think, I should put these lyrics on my blog.  I hate reading posts of lyrics.  I apologize in advance, but some posts are just for me. When I hear this song I think of my wedding and I get all tingly and go to that happy place.  I would by this song on itunes...if I could ever make it work.  Excuse the horrific Visa ad.  That is what happens when you copy paste sometimes. 

Lost in the Moment by Big and Rich

I see your momma, and the candles and tears and roses
I see your daddy walk his daughter down the isle
Now my knees start to tremble as I tell the preacher
Don't she look beautiful tonight
All the wonderful words in my head I've been thinking
You know I want to say them all just right
I lift your vale, and angles start singing
Such a heavenly sign

Lost in this moment with you
I am completely consumed


"Lost In This Moment"

* * *

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My feelings so absolute, there's no doubt
Sealing our love with a kiss
Waitin' my whole life for this
Watching all my dreams come true
Lost in this moment with you

I smell the jasmine floating in the air like a love song
Watch my words draw sweet tears from your eyes
Bow our heads while the preacher talks to Jesus
Please bless this brand new life

Lost in this moment with you
I am completely consumed
My feelings so absolute, there's no doubt 
Sealing our love with a kiss
Waitin' my whole life for this
Watching all my dreams come true
Lost in this moment with you

Lost in this moment with you
I am completely consumed
My feelings so absolute, there's no doubt
Sealing our love with a kiss
Waitin' my whole life for this
Watching all my dreams come true
Lost in this moment with you

Lost in the moment, (in the moment) in this moment with you
Lost in the moment, yeah
Lost in the moment, (in the moment in this moment with you
Lost in the moment

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

haapy anniversary to me!

I got my anniversary present early (even though we had said we weren't doing gifts).  I have a new laptop all for myself.  I can leave my stuff logged in all I want.  I can live windows open.  I can bookmark all of my stuff.  I enjoy the simple things, clearly.  I am going to keep all of our pictures and whatnot on the main computer, but still.   Justin is getting a wireless router from a guy at work so soon I will be able to search for my recipes downstairs while going through my cabinets to see if I have everything! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I have sprouts. I planted some seeds for herbs and I have sprouts in 3/5 pots. 

During Ava's nap time today I am going to plant my seeds for my flowers and veggies that I am going to grow this summer.  I am having an indoor greenhouse type thing for my start up.  I never know when the weather will cooperate here or when the association will lay down our mulch.  I have to get everything started for sure.  I am going to get a couple large pots for my veggies.  I need to get some seeds for my tomatoes, but I have the rest already. 

When I was in sixth grade I grew a bunch of seedlings in my yaffa blocks in my bedroom.  I had beans, tomatoes, corn and some flowers all ready to go.  I put them out in the backyard in the dirt area.  They continued to grow.  Then they met a horrible demise when a certain parental person ran them over with a lawn mower.  Since then I haven't been motivated to grow anything.  My confidence was shattered.  Though that  year a friend's older brother offered to pay us to grow marijuana in the crawl space of our houses, since we  seemed to be able to grow things so well.  We declined.  Man, I could have been a felon in 6th grade!  The crawl spaces in Romeoville would be perfect places to grow some crazy marijuana.  There is probably a ton of weed below the floors of Romeoville, that is for sure.

I like to be outside but not to just sit there, even when it is baking hot.  Since everything is landscaped for us, I don't have much to do outside.  I have heard we are going to get an umbrella for our patio table donated to us by someone who has two, so that will help make the patio more friendly.  Plus there should be functional window coverings on the sliding door within a week or two.