Monday, April 28, 2008

whats goin on

Ava has this very disgusting habit of getting her hands wet in the dog bowl and then patting her cheeks, like she is washing her face.  Just thought I would share.

Today she had a rough go of a large poop.  Her commentary was, "I pooping!  I pooping!  Open! Open!"  She says open when things are stuck.  Clearly her poop was. 

Ava has also decided that she is very into whispering.  She is not always clear when she is speaking normally, so the whispering doesn't help the situation. 

While putting her shoes away, she will stop and gasp and start dancing if a commercial comes on with a song that she likes.

She is now feeding her baby "wonies" that she has found in her seat from dinner.  "Wonies" translates into macaroni.  Oh her bowl was still on the table from dinner.  She took it down and is now eating her cold wonies.  "oh! yummy!"  She is eating more of it now than she did at dinner.