Monday, October 31, 2011


So I have decided to convert to a non-processed/organic food lifestyle for my family. I can't go all extreme and toss everything out that we have. It just isn't financially possible. I will just be replacing it as we use it up. I found a site that had good guidelines as to what it means to go unprocessed. Pretty much if you can't make it yourself in the kitchen, don't eat it. If I can't gather the ingredients myself and make it, won't be eating it. I can make butter if I want to, so I can eat butter. I could grind up my own flour if I wanted to, so I can use it. I just can't bleach it myself.

But! This weekend we spent obscene amounts of money at fast food restaurants. We need to retrain ourselves as to what a snack means or convenience food. I will have to do more prep in the kitchen to have stuff ready. I will also need support from Justin. Not only is this bad for us, but it is a budget blower and always has been.

Friday, October 28, 2011

What is the best you can afford?

This is a concept I have been pondering for a while. I think with most things in life, we always try to get the biggest bang for our buck. What is the highest quality thing we can get with our dollar. We don't do that with food though. We generally try to feed our families as cheaply as possible. I guess this whole thing does revolve around what you consider to be "quality". Not everybody buys into the concept of organics for grass fed, cage free, hormone free food.

I just think it is funny, like funny odd, that I will work out to be healthy. I use an eco friendly laundry detergent. I use eco-friendly cleaning products because I don't want all the chemicals in the house. I even have ventured into cloth diapers, switched to cloth pads and the diva cup to avoid all the contact with chemicals and carcinogens, but I haven't changed my eating. I really do think it is a cost factor for me. It is hard to make that jump financially. I get why it costs more. I really do. It is the same reason why something handmade would cost more than something manufactured on a machine. It just works that way. Even with furniture we consider hand made items to be worth more and higher quality than pre-fab.

I think I am going to make the switch. I think some things will indeed cost more. Some will cost less. Somethings will cost less flat out because I am not going to be buying them. I haven't figured out exactly what this switch will look like for us. I don't know where our boundaries will be. I am actually going to try to start with pretty loose boundaries and tighten up as I go. I will still try to get the most bang for my buck, but that might just mean shopping at a co-op instead of a big name store instead of shopping at walmart.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have so many things to talk about. I am in a little bit of a tizzy. Three weeks from today we are leaving for vacation. We went on a vacation about a year and a half ago with my whole family. Two and a half years ago we went on a full out family vacation to San Diego. Besides that, we haven't gone anywhere as a family. We are very excited! We are going to Disney!!!!!!!!!! I am not a Disney person. I have never been. I have been ok with not going. I don't get the whole adults who like cartoon characters thing. Great America has the whole Looney Tunes thing going on and I must say that I do like Disney characters more than Looney Tunes so maybe I will buy in. Is it Looney Tunes or Looney Toons? Hmmmm both look right.

I was making all of our reservations for food and whatnot and it has made the whole thing seem more real. I know what park we will be going to each day. I also have something planned for everybody, a little something for each person. I got reservations that I never expected to be able to get. I had been checking and nothing was available. Someone must have canceled theirs and I nabbed it. Ava gets to have lunch with ALL of the princesses. When we booked our trip, we were able to get a free dining plan. This character meal is included in our dining plan. It honestly costs so much that I would probably have to really think hard over whether or not we would spend that much money for all of us to have lunch. It costs more than a concert or something like that. It is crazy how many cool things they are going to get experience on our "free" dining plan. I am trying to use it to get experiences, not just food.

I am not telling the rest of the family all the things I have planned. I want them to enjoy each day without thinking ahead to what is coming next. It is has the potential to be a great trip. I honestly don't know when the next time will be that we will be able to go on a trip. It may never be in the cards again, so we will be sure to enjoy this one.

Ava's thoughts on our trip, "I think it will be like a dream the whole time we are there, every second, because it is the place where dreams come true. Right?"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I have been working on...

So I always say I have a lot of projects going. It is true. Here are all the things I am working on. This does not count all the random things that I started for about an hour and haven't picked back up because they were boring me.

This is a sweater I am working on for Ava. It had such potential but the seem up the middle where I have changed colors is horrible and knowing that it won't be good does not make me want to continue. I will though because she is waiting for it and she never has to wear it out of the house. I am making it from a bunch of leftover Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn I have.

This is a scarf I am making for Justin. It is actually really fun to work on and I really want to get back at it. IT is Noro Keuron.

This is my cardigan. I have restarted the side panels. There is a pull in the one sleeve. I am not sure if it just got there or what, but I am debating taking out all I have done in the sleeves up to that point and starting it back up. This is a fancy sweater...I want it done soon, since it reminds me of fall and if I don't get on it, it will be for next fall. It is made out of Blue Sky Alpaca - Alpaca silk blend.

I have very slowly been working on this blanket. I had made 4 squares about 3 years ago. I think I am almost halfway done. This is Vanna's Choice worsted weight.

Now for some things I have finished...This blanket I started 3 years ago also and finally finished it...except for weaving in the ends of course. Made with knitpicks shine sport. I really do like this yarn for baby projects.

I made this blanket start to finish in a few weeks. It is a gift for a friend. I am motivated so much more by a deadline and purpose. Made with knitpicks comfy worsted.

Another finished project. A gift. (made with knitpicks comfy worsted.

I made this for Justin. I don't remember what kind of yarn I used.

So I am going to try to hurry up and finish some more projects. I ordered some Cascade 220 fingering yarn, which I believe is pretty new, to make a little jacket thingy for Ava. It should hopefully come soon. I am going to try to finish something before I start on it. I am going to have to count my finished projects for the year. I might have to make a mad dash to finish my 12 in 12 months.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

They really do love each other

Here are some things that the little people have said lately.

During a full out meltdown, Ava says, "Tomorrow we are starting over with only one kid in this family and it is NOT going to be Rhys."

Outside during the 5k walk for my work, someone tells Rhys, "Your nose is all red. You must be cold." Rhys responds with, "No my sister's nose is red. Mine is bery(very), bery, bery white."

Ava- "I like tardy slips. They are so cute and little."

Rhys- "I feel like I should have three sisters. Yeah, three sisters, because that is what I want."


Ava has settled into kindergarten quite nicely. She seems to enjoy her classmates more than the work. She is really wanting to learn how to read and is getting there. She has her sight words down pat. She has started to find them in books and likes it when she can sound out a full sentence. She starts book it this month. Hopefully she will think of something other than puking up mushrooms when she is older and reflects on book it. (those two things are totally connected in my mind)

Rhys has had his tonsils and adenoids taken out. He also apparently had his potty training desire taken out too. He went into surgery potty trained and came out not. I know he still has the ability. He has just lost all desire.

We recently aquired an outdoor playhouse. This has made our extremely nice fall that much more enjoyable. I love that they will both just go outside and play for at least half an hour. It might last longer before the arguments ruin things, but they at least get outside.

Rhys dressed himself...the shirt is backwards...and was "exercisin'"

And just so Ava doesn't feel left out... Remember this? I barely do.