Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I have been working on...

So I always say I have a lot of projects going. It is true. Here are all the things I am working on. This does not count all the random things that I started for about an hour and haven't picked back up because they were boring me.

This is a sweater I am working on for Ava. It had such potential but the seem up the middle where I have changed colors is horrible and knowing that it won't be good does not make me want to continue. I will though because she is waiting for it and she never has to wear it out of the house. I am making it from a bunch of leftover Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn I have.

This is a scarf I am making for Justin. It is actually really fun to work on and I really want to get back at it. IT is Noro Keuron.

This is my cardigan. I have restarted the side panels. There is a pull in the one sleeve. I am not sure if it just got there or what, but I am debating taking out all I have done in the sleeves up to that point and starting it back up. This is a fancy sweater...I want it done soon, since it reminds me of fall and if I don't get on it, it will be for next fall. It is made out of Blue Sky Alpaca - Alpaca silk blend.

I have very slowly been working on this blanket. I had made 4 squares about 3 years ago. I think I am almost halfway done. This is Vanna's Choice worsted weight.

Now for some things I have finished...This blanket I started 3 years ago also and finally finished it...except for weaving in the ends of course. Made with knitpicks shine sport. I really do like this yarn for baby projects.

I made this blanket start to finish in a few weeks. It is a gift for a friend. I am motivated so much more by a deadline and purpose. Made with knitpicks comfy worsted.

Another finished project. A gift. (made with knitpicks comfy worsted.

I made this for Justin. I don't remember what kind of yarn I used.

So I am going to try to hurry up and finish some more projects. I ordered some Cascade 220 fingering yarn, which I believe is pretty new, to make a little jacket thingy for Ava. It should hopefully come soon. I am going to try to finish something before I start on it. I am going to have to count my finished projects for the year. I might have to make a mad dash to finish my 12 in 12 months.


  1. the scarf is awesome!! maybe the seater for Ava can have some sort of sewn ruffle to go up the front to hide the seam? I love the cardigan you are making - you are an awesome knitter!!!


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