Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have so many things to talk about. I am in a little bit of a tizzy. Three weeks from today we are leaving for vacation. We went on a vacation about a year and a half ago with my whole family. Two and a half years ago we went on a full out family vacation to San Diego. Besides that, we haven't gone anywhere as a family. We are very excited! We are going to Disney!!!!!!!!!! I am not a Disney person. I have never been. I have been ok with not going. I don't get the whole adults who like cartoon characters thing. Great America has the whole Looney Tunes thing going on and I must say that I do like Disney characters more than Looney Tunes so maybe I will buy in. Is it Looney Tunes or Looney Toons? Hmmmm both look right.

I was making all of our reservations for food and whatnot and it has made the whole thing seem more real. I know what park we will be going to each day. I also have something planned for everybody, a little something for each person. I got reservations that I never expected to be able to get. I had been checking and nothing was available. Someone must have canceled theirs and I nabbed it. Ava gets to have lunch with ALL of the princesses. When we booked our trip, we were able to get a free dining plan. This character meal is included in our dining plan. It honestly costs so much that I would probably have to really think hard over whether or not we would spend that much money for all of us to have lunch. It costs more than a concert or something like that. It is crazy how many cool things they are going to get experience on our "free" dining plan. I am trying to use it to get experiences, not just food.

I am not telling the rest of the family all the things I have planned. I want them to enjoy each day without thinking ahead to what is coming next. It is has the potential to be a great trip. I honestly don't know when the next time will be that we will be able to go on a trip. It may never be in the cards again, so we will be sure to enjoy this one.

Ava's thoughts on our trip, "I think it will be like a dream the whole time we are there, every second, because it is the place where dreams come true. Right?"

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  1. I hope you have an awesome time!! YAY vacations! I love Disney. :-)


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