Friday, April 30, 2010

Ava knows it all

Ava had been asking to make cupcakes for a couple days.  We ran out of time before it was time for me to leave for work, so she decided she was going to ask Daddy to make them with her.  Justin luckily agreed to go along with her plan.  She would have been pretty disappointed if he had not.  They made them, decorated them with lots of sprinkles and then got to eat them. 

I had already planned on making cinnamon raisin bread this morning so I started in on that.  Ava was clearly still in the baking mood and wanted to make banana bread.  She wanted to do it on her own.  So I got my bread started while she was mashing up the bananas and then I just started adding her ingredients for her.  She just kept mixing and mixing.  I only stirred in the flour a little to make sure it was really stirred in.  She is actually a little upset that I interfered that much.  I held the bowl while she dumped it in the pan.  When we got the bread in the oven she said, "I will tell Daddy how to make banana bread next time."  She is referring to it as "my banana bread" and she just happens to be willing to share it with us.  Justin came home from work and she was very excited to show him her bread.  I am sure in the next couple years she really will be making the bread by herself.

Monday, April 26, 2010

random Monday

Old class is finished.  New class has begun.  Justin and I are taking Business Economics.  It is so far removed from any class I have ever taken that I am a little intimidated.  I also know that it is just easier to do all the projects and tests when you actually attempt to learn as the class goes on.  I am once again starting off the class right and am going to read the book and take notes. 

When I was at the spa for our anniversary they had these dried blueberries.  They were amazing and so good.  I am now on a mission to find some.

Ava "accidentally" attempted to steal some candy from Aldi on Saturday. She wanted one kind of candy and I said no, but told her she could have another kind.  She apparently decided after pouting about it that some candy is better than no candy, but after we had already paid...or as we were paying and I didn't notice.  Either way, I noticed her walking out of the check out lane with candy in her hand.  I made her go back and pay for it and explained to her about stealing.  Two days later she is still talking about how she didn't go to jail for stealing and that I was very mean for saying she "stealed."

Thursday, April 22, 2010

6 years

Last weekend was our six year anniversary.  What an odd even number that is.  It seems so small to me.  Maybe because we have spent pretty much every day together for the last 11 years.  Actually we have spent the last amount of time together in the last 2 years than we ever have in the past due to work schedules.  It just feels strange, like the 6 doesn't accurately reflect our life together.  Not in a bad way, like yeesh only 6 years!  It just feels like more...something.

With Justin's recent promotion we decided we would actually celebrate our anniversary this year.  When we first got married we said that we would never just not do things for each other for our anniversary.  It was OUR day.  It is funny how quickly that gets kind of shoved aside when you have life going on.  We usually at least get around to going out to dinner but not always on the actual day.  This year it fell on a Saturday so we had to go out.   We each had our version of a day off.  I went to the spa for the afternoon.  I have never had a real spa day before and I definitely could handle doing that again.  Justin stayed home and had some quality time with his xbox.  Later that night we went out to eat at a restaurant that we had never been to before.  Generally when we go out, we go out for steak.  This time we went out for Spanish tapas.  The food was amazing!  I had their "wine flight" which was a sampling of their top Spanish wines.  Two of them I liked, two of them I didn't.  I am trying to like wine and am at least starting to figure out what I do like and what I don't.  So far I know that I don't like a woody taste.  I like fruity and sweet.  It might make some wine drinkers cringe, but whatever.  I like it and it is "wine" so there. 

We then went to a chocolate store for dessert and coffee.  It was also delicious.  The best part of the night was that Justin planned it.  I think I plan so much of everything in our day to day life, that it is nice to have a night out that was planned for me.  Not a here are my plans, you can join them if you would like, but a full out "I planned this night with you in mind."

play groups

We are in a playgroup that meets once a week. We used to just meet in the summer but this year we have made it indoors, rotating houses or free or inexpensive indoor activities. It is nice outside again though! Even if I feel like our weeks are filled with running around and not a lot of quality time, I always feel good about our playgroup. Either both of the kids are having fun with their friends or we are getting to do some cool things.

Here are some pictures from some recent playgroups.

They were really excited about finding ants on this tree.  The funny thing was right after I took this Ava's friend asked the other little girl with us if she wanted to "get in on this."

He actually seems to get the concept of "hold on for dear life."

Sometimes.  But he clearly thinks it is more fun to take risks.

I have no words.

This was one of our indoor playgroups.  It is a little town of little houses and dress up toys and things like that just for little kids.  We will definitely be going back.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I always have these big plans for a garden...and then I forget to water it or the landscapers plow it down. I have some decent success with potted tomatoes, though they tend to blow over in windstorms. I put rocks in the bottom of the pot for better drainage and extra weight and it helped quite a bit. This year I have been considering some raised beds. I still might do it but I am torn as to what to grow. I only want to grow things that I know we will actually eat. I am thinking green beans, broccoli, and maybe some lettuce, in addition to tomatoes and our strawberries. We have fun going to pick fresh stuff at this local farm, so it is ok if I never grow anything real, I just don't want to waste the money.

I am almost done with this class. I just have the part left that is a lot of work. Justin and I are taking a class together immediately after that and then I am done for the summer. I am definitely looking forward to just being done with school for a little bit. I have other things I want to do. I know I could do them but then I feel guilty when I know I should be doing things with school. I could be knitting, I could be scrapping, I could be blogging! I am also playing softball this summer so there goes more time. I think I am going to have to start getting up earlier to be able to actually get things done around the house.

Mommy Mondays have been in a slump lately, but today we are meeting friends at a park. I am thinking of planning out some real activities for the summer....or taking the summer to plan stuff for the fall and winter. We are going to have pool passes for the summer, so I am sure they would be pretty happy with just going to the pool. Stuff to think about I guess.

Monday, April 5, 2010

and I'm back...again

I kept thinking there were things I had to write about and I would put it off, and think of another thing and my list kept getting longer. Maybe I will write about the old stuff later, if not oh well, it is lost forever and will not be blogged about.

Our doors now have child proof locks on them. Ava and Rhys attempted to run away today while I was in the bathroom. This wasn't a case of me being off doing something else. I just had to go to the bathroom. The dog had been out on her leash. I heard Ava open the door and grab the leash. Ava has let her in before, so I assumed that is what she is doing. I heard the door shut and then didn't hear anything. I came out and there was the tv turned to static and no Ava, no Rhys, and no Dori. I go outside and run around to the front of the house. I see dropped plastic easter eggs in the driveway and a neighbor running across his yard from across the street. He sees me and slows down. I of course run faster. There is Ava three houses down with Dori on a leash. She is wearing her t-shirt and a pair of tights and shoes. Rhys is in the neighbor's driveway. I grab him first and then the leash. The neighbor was concerned enough that he was waiting for me to wave over to him that things were ok. I will expect the visit from DCFS tomorrow. With the speed people fly down our street we can't really risk them getting out again. I may not ever get out of the house either since I am not so great at childproof things.