Monday, April 26, 2010

random Monday

Old class is finished.  New class has begun.  Justin and I are taking Business Economics.  It is so far removed from any class I have ever taken that I am a little intimidated.  I also know that it is just easier to do all the projects and tests when you actually attempt to learn as the class goes on.  I am once again starting off the class right and am going to read the book and take notes. 

When I was at the spa for our anniversary they had these dried blueberries.  They were amazing and so good.  I am now on a mission to find some.

Ava "accidentally" attempted to steal some candy from Aldi on Saturday. She wanted one kind of candy and I said no, but told her she could have another kind.  She apparently decided after pouting about it that some candy is better than no candy, but after we had already paid...or as we were paying and I didn't notice.  Either way, I noticed her walking out of the check out lane with candy in her hand.  I made her go back and pay for it and explained to her about stealing.  Two days later she is still talking about how she didn't go to jail for stealing and that I was very mean for saying she "stealed."