Thursday, April 22, 2010

6 years

Last weekend was our six year anniversary.  What an odd even number that is.  It seems so small to me.  Maybe because we have spent pretty much every day together for the last 11 years.  Actually we have spent the last amount of time together in the last 2 years than we ever have in the past due to work schedules.  It just feels strange, like the 6 doesn't accurately reflect our life together.  Not in a bad way, like yeesh only 6 years!  It just feels like more...something.

With Justin's recent promotion we decided we would actually celebrate our anniversary this year.  When we first got married we said that we would never just not do things for each other for our anniversary.  It was OUR day.  It is funny how quickly that gets kind of shoved aside when you have life going on.  We usually at least get around to going out to dinner but not always on the actual day.  This year it fell on a Saturday so we had to go out.   We each had our version of a day off.  I went to the spa for the afternoon.  I have never had a real spa day before and I definitely could handle doing that again.  Justin stayed home and had some quality time with his xbox.  Later that night we went out to eat at a restaurant that we had never been to before.  Generally when we go out, we go out for steak.  This time we went out for Spanish tapas.  The food was amazing!  I had their "wine flight" which was a sampling of their top Spanish wines.  Two of them I liked, two of them I didn't.  I am trying to like wine and am at least starting to figure out what I do like and what I don't.  So far I know that I don't like a woody taste.  I like fruity and sweet.  It might make some wine drinkers cringe, but whatever.  I like it and it is "wine" so there. 

We then went to a chocolate store for dessert and coffee.  It was also delicious.  The best part of the night was that Justin planned it.  I think I plan so much of everything in our day to day life, that it is nice to have a night out that was planned for me.  Not a here are my plans, you can join them if you would like, but a full out "I planned this night with you in mind."


  1. So awesome! I can relate to your whole post! We've been together 4+ years longer than we've been married, too, and the 4th-7th anniversaries felt the same to us, number-wise: "Only *that* many years? Really?"

    I'm also with you on disliking oaky wine and preferring the sweeter. If you ever get a chance to try Eiswein (German "ice wine") do it!!! It's expensive, but for a treat, it is so sweet & divine! Down South, we have scuppernong wine made with scuppernong grapes that's also sweet & fruity. :-)

    I LOVE that Justin planned your whole day! I totally get that it means so much to have someone else do the planning, and having it be so perfect is icing on the cake!

  2. MATH FAIL!!! we've been together 10 years!!! :-o

  3. :)

    that said, it really was a lot of fun. wish we could have done more together! still, very fun, very relaxing, definitely needed!

    LOVE YOU!!!


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