Friday, April 30, 2010

Ava knows it all

Ava had been asking to make cupcakes for a couple days.  We ran out of time before it was time for me to leave for work, so she decided she was going to ask Daddy to make them with her.  Justin luckily agreed to go along with her plan.  She would have been pretty disappointed if he had not.  They made them, decorated them with lots of sprinkles and then got to eat them. 

I had already planned on making cinnamon raisin bread this morning so I started in on that.  Ava was clearly still in the baking mood and wanted to make banana bread.  She wanted to do it on her own.  So I got my bread started while she was mashing up the bananas and then I just started adding her ingredients for her.  She just kept mixing and mixing.  I only stirred in the flour a little to make sure it was really stirred in.  She is actually a little upset that I interfered that much.  I held the bowl while she dumped it in the pan.  When we got the bread in the oven she said, "I will tell Daddy how to make banana bread next time."  She is referring to it as "my banana bread" and she just happens to be willing to share it with us.  Justin came home from work and she was very excited to show him her bread.  I am sure in the next couple years she really will be making the bread by herself.