Thursday, April 22, 2010

play groups

We are in a playgroup that meets once a week. We used to just meet in the summer but this year we have made it indoors, rotating houses or free or inexpensive indoor activities. It is nice outside again though! Even if I feel like our weeks are filled with running around and not a lot of quality time, I always feel good about our playgroup. Either both of the kids are having fun with their friends or we are getting to do some cool things.

Here are some pictures from some recent playgroups.

They were really excited about finding ants on this tree.  The funny thing was right after I took this Ava's friend asked the other little girl with us if she wanted to "get in on this."

He actually seems to get the concept of "hold on for dear life."

Sometimes.  But he clearly thinks it is more fun to take risks.

I have no words.

This was one of our indoor playgroups.  It is a little town of little houses and dress up toys and things like that just for little kids.  We will definitely be going back.