Monday, April 5, 2010

and I'm back...again

I kept thinking there were things I had to write about and I would put it off, and think of another thing and my list kept getting longer. Maybe I will write about the old stuff later, if not oh well, it is lost forever and will not be blogged about.

Our doors now have child proof locks on them. Ava and Rhys attempted to run away today while I was in the bathroom. This wasn't a case of me being off doing something else. I just had to go to the bathroom. The dog had been out on her leash. I heard Ava open the door and grab the leash. Ava has let her in before, so I assumed that is what she is doing. I heard the door shut and then didn't hear anything. I came out and there was the tv turned to static and no Ava, no Rhys, and no Dori. I go outside and run around to the front of the house. I see dropped plastic easter eggs in the driveway and a neighbor running across his yard from across the street. He sees me and slows down. I of course run faster. There is Ava three houses down with Dori on a leash. She is wearing her t-shirt and a pair of tights and shoes. Rhys is in the neighbor's driveway. I grab him first and then the leash. The neighbor was concerned enough that he was waiting for me to wave over to him that things were ok. I will expect the visit from DCFS tomorrow. With the speed people fly down our street we can't really risk them getting out again. I may not ever get out of the house either since I am not so great at childproof things.

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