Monday, March 8, 2010

Save us from our wealth

I was reading through the blog that Pioneer Woman had linked to. It was about Compassion International. I have read other blog posts about it and know people who sponsor kids. Anyway, in one of his posts he was talking about his own issue with holding on to his money. Right then and there I decided to sponsor a child. I had tossed the idea around for years and just kind of put it off. It helped that through reading through many of his posts and other linked blogs I found more about the organization. I love that it isn't just food and medicine. It is education and life skills. It is giving the child's family the ability to move themselves out of poverty.

When you go to Compassion International's site you are able to search through profiles to pick a child or you can have them pick one for you. I was going to just do that because I have been known to cry hysterically after trying to decide which kitten to adopt. (How can I pick just one? They all need homes! I don't want one to think I didn't think it was cute enough!) I tried to have Ava help me but she was not in a friendly state of mind and she was the opposite of helpful. In the end, I just happened upon our girl's profile and picked her. So we are now the sponsors of an 8 year old girl from Kenya. I am really excited to get the intro packet so we can send letters and whatnot. I was really into having penpals in other countries when I was in high school or middle school. This will be even cooler!

By the way, I was really hesitant to even write this post. I didn't want it to be a braggity brag brag post about something nice that we have done. I am hoping that maybe someone who reads this will think about sponsoring a child too. I am not on the awesome blogger tour with beautiful pictures but they are so give them a read.