Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Surprise! (to you)

Surprise all, we are having another baby!  Apparently this news was surprising to many people.  Maybe it will be the 5 year age gap between Rhys and the new baby. Maybe it is because people assumed that because we had a boy and a girl we were done.  Either way, we are excited about it.  The kids are super excited about it. We find out next week if it is a boy or a girl.  I have done it both ways, waiting to find out and finding out and I honestly think it is more exciting to find out halfway through.  I don't get the "only a few good surprises in life" thing.  It is still a surprise when you find out early.  It isn't like I am peeking now and just not telling anyone.

We got rid of most of our baby stuff over the last year or two because it was old and took up a lot of space which we don't have.  I was not about to rent a storage unit to hold on to baby stuff.  The nice thing about it being baby #3, I know what baby gadgets I will actually use and what will just take up space.  Plus I know how short a time I will use things so I am more than happy to accept hand me downs for most things!

I used cloth diapers for a while with Ava. I looked into them when I was pregnant with her and I thought I had to find a diaper service or something and there really weren't any in the area. I had no idea there were different options out there.  Around 9 months to a year, I switched to cloth.  It didn't work as well as I had hoped, primarily because my day care provider was unwilling to use cloth, so I was still having to buy diapers.  Other than that, I really liked them.  We didn't have rashes or leaks or anything.  At some point I switched back to disposables all the way, and I really don't remember why now.  Maybe it was because it was summer?  I have no idea.  I planned to use them from day 1 with Rhys and I chickened out.  I think I was slightly intimidated at the work load of two kids.  The only thing I don't love about cloth diapers is the bulkiness of the butt sometimes. I think I wanted his little newborn butt to look as tiny as it could be in his diapers.  So I chickened out.  At one point I did use cloth on him at night because he was leaking all the time in disposables, but that was it.

Well I am going all in! I am preparing to cloth diaper from the beginning.  Big butts oh well.  We will see how it goes, but many of the so called obstacles I saw before will be gone.  I have recently discovered this whole world out there of co-ops that sell cloth diapers.  They are cheap but I probably won't get them.  There is a whole slew of reasons out there, but primarily because the designs are copied from small business owners own designs, made in China and sold for half as much.  I kind of feel like that is stealing from the small businesses. Anyway, it is time to go get Rhys from preschool.  Only 6 weeks left! Stay tuned for more cloth diapering adventures. I know you will care (not really at all) but I like to talk to myself about things so there you go.