Monday, April 25, 2016

Time is flying

So my big ideas of posting more often on the computer didn't work out. Life just seems so busy lately. It is race to get out of the house, race to work, run around work like crazy, run around picking people up, make dinner and make sure homework is done, try to spend some sort of time with Isla because I spend way too much time thinking about how much time I DON'T spend with her, take the bigger kids wherever they need to be and then it is bed time. All that is to say, I rarely take time to blog or knit or do anything that isn't just sitting staring off and marveling that I am able to just sit. 

Don't despair though. I will be more focused soon. Starting in May, I will be a guest writer once or twice a month at so you will have to be sure to check me out! Check the blog out anyway, it is good stuff.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

She leads a lonely life

A little ace of base to start things off...

Summer break has started though summer has not really started. Things are going well at home. I feel like work is much easier right now with the summer schedule so that is good. We are all set up for private school and that looks like it is really happening. I am excited about it and relieved. I am still worried about the future but it is really not anything I need to worry about now.

The hardest part of our summer so far is trying to get together with friends. They are more interested in getting together with their school friends and so that means I have to make plans. I am trying to do this around work. I understand that they want things to do, I am just trying to make life work. Anybody want to play with my kids???  Invite them over. :)

Isla is getting so close to walking. I doubt she will wait until she is a year old. I am getting interrupted.

Editor's note: 1/2/16 I found this and it was never posted.  This was from June of 2015. 

Computer post

I was going to go update my template but then I thought, let's not get carried away.  Set realistic goals and just actually write a post. I don't have any theme or topic to really write about.  Just same old, same old life.

New Year's happened.  It was pretty uneventful.  We played some games at my mom's.  The older two kids spent the night there with their cousins.  Justin, Isla, and I were home and in bed by eleven.  Yesterday we went and spent time with some old friends.  By old friends, I mean some of my high school friends.  As I was looking around the room, I realize I became friends with most of these people 20 years ago.  How did I get old enough to say that?  And old enough to remember when I met them and the fun we had together.  It isn't like we were babies at the time.

We have our January reading assignment.  White Teeth by Zadie Smith.  I don't have it yet so I haven't started.  I will keep you posted.

The other thing I am starting is the 21 day fix.  It is a beachbody fitness series and meal plan.  I am in an accountability group and everything.  It isn't so drastic that in 21 days you will have met your goals or anything like that, but it is in 3 weeks you will have made it part of your routine so it is easier to keep going.  Plus it isn't that hard to say you will commit to 3 weeks instead of 3 months or something like that. It requires meal planning which is something I need to do anyway. I typically have always at least had a meal list planned when I went shopping.  It makes evenings easier when I know what I am making ahead of time and it also prevents me from only buying half of what is required for the recipes.  Overall, it should help me feel more organized.  Dinners on work nights don't work if I haven't planned ahead.  That is how we end up eating out or just eating random stuff I find in the freezer and cabinets.

Luckily I have dragged my feet on posting regularly for the last few years that I have lost almost all readers and feel no pressure to have time worthy content! Enjoy my drivel.  P.S. I wrote this on the computer. I don't think it improves things.