Saturday, January 2, 2016

She leads a lonely life

A little ace of base to start things off...

Summer break has started though summer has not really started. Things are going well at home. I feel like work is much easier right now with the summer schedule so that is good. We are all set up for private school and that looks like it is really happening. I am excited about it and relieved. I am still worried about the future but it is really not anything I need to worry about now.

The hardest part of our summer so far is trying to get together with friends. They are more interested in getting together with their school friends and so that means I have to make plans. I am trying to do this around work. I understand that they want things to do, I am just trying to make life work. Anybody want to play with my kids???  Invite them over. :)

Isla is getting so close to walking. I doubt she will wait until she is a year old. I am getting interrupted.

Editor's note: 1/2/16 I found this and it was never posted.  This was from June of 2015.