Monday, April 25, 2016

Time is flying

So my big ideas of posting more often on the computer didn't work out. Life just seems so busy lately. It is race to get out of the house, race to work, run around work like crazy, run around picking people up, make dinner and make sure homework is done, try to spend some sort of time with Isla because I spend way too much time thinking about how much time I DON'T spend with her, take the bigger kids wherever they need to be and then it is bed time. All that is to say, I rarely take time to blog or knit or do anything that isn't just sitting staring off and marveling that I am able to just sit. 

Don't despair though. I will be more focused soon. Starting in May, I will be a guest writer once or twice a month at so you will have to be sure to check me out! Check the blog out anyway, it is good stuff.