Wednesday, January 27, 2010

soooo frustrated!

So this past week I had my first paper due for this new class I am in. It isn't exactly new since this week is the halfway point, but still, the first paper. I finished it, felt pretty good about it and submitted it, right on time. I actually had an hour to spare, which for me is doing pretty well. I check my grade tonight and it was a 0. That is right, a big fat, 0. I was slightly confused by this and went to look for comments. Even if the paper was horribly bad, I should have at least gotten half of the credit. It showed that I submitted something with no attachment at 5:44am MST MONDAY! I promise you, I was not even awake at this time. Plus why would I submit nothing that late? It was already late, so if I were going to do the whole fake attachment thing wouldn't I have done it on time????? I wrote my teacher an email, so we will see what he says. I might just have to eat it, though I will definitely go above him if that is what he says my option is. At this point, I can only get a B if I earn all my points from here on out if this zero sticks around. A B will be better than wasting my tuition though, I guess.

I am also frustrated with this sickness surrounding our house. Last week Justin and Rhys both got sick on Thursday with fevers and general crappy feelings. They both went to the doctor on Friday. Justin thought he might have the flu or pneumonia and we thought Rhys' ear infection from a couple weeks before just hadn't cleared up. They were both fine, just a virus, come back if it gets worse. Justin is pretty much back to normal, with just a lingering cough. Ava and I both got fevers Friday night and Ava got the cough and I got a headache. I started to think Rhys must have had the headache version too since he was clearly miserable for no particular reason. Then he started in with the cough and snot pouring from his face. He has been sleeping a lot and last night he was just mad at everything. He is clearly not feeling well at all still and has very little energy to do a whole lot of playing. I feel bad for hte little guy. I think he has been sick or getting over something everyday except for like 5 when he was on antibiotics since mid-December.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

hi jinx

So Wednesdays are usually pretty fun at work, generally because I like the people I work with quite a big. We end up laughing a lot. So last night a local pizza company hosted a fundraiser and people didn't come because of the weather and they had three extra pizzas. They called to see if we wanted them and a woman brought them over. They were 28 inch pizzas, hot out of the oven. In GIANT pizza boxes. So we were already giggly about free pizza. Why? Because most of us should not be excited to eat pizza at 10:30pm. We should be responsible and use self control and think "my, my, that salad that I had early is still oh so filling" and pass though none of us actually had anything remotely close to a salad earlier. We get downstairs to bring them in and we actually had to turn the box sideways to get it through the door. A. takes pizza number one to go put it down somewhere so we can get the other two. She comes back and I go outside to help the woman because she brought the other two at the same time and that way we can just go inside because it was getting cold. So A. is cracking up at me carrying 2 boxes at once. I had to get creative turning them to get through the door without having the pizzas inside slide down. You have to know that these boxes are actually as big as a four person table so in order for me to hold them up straight I am holding them up at almost shoulder height so I can have the most arm length. I make in through the second set of doors and the surprising weight combined with the awkward way of holding the boxes is taking its toll and I think I am going to drop it. We are both cracking up, but I feel the box start to bend. I say "Help" about ten times. She just laughs even harder. I had to drop down to one knee to try to balance the pizzas and not drop them all the way to the floor. This made her laugh even harder. I finally was able to laugh long enough to clearly say that I needed help. We didn't drop the pizzas, but we laughed until we had the pizzas in the kitchen and set up for people to eat. When your arms start burning from carrying pizzas, it is amusing. You would never think pizzas could be heavy. Plus when we called in the clients and they saw three giant pizzas just waiting for them, it was so awesome. Apparently we aren't the only ones who get excited about pizza at 10:30.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

playdate at the mall

Today our playgroup met at the mall. I need to go to the mall more often! I probably don't "need" to go to the mall, but I should. The play area was not too crowded, especially at 10am and both kids were able to play. The mall was generally empty so there wasn't the feeling of people everywhere which can get overwhelming and tiring. It was just fun and I should try to do it more often. I wonder if I would spend less on clothes if I just shopped more often and actually sought out the good sales instead of pulling the oh crap, Ava has no pants and then i go out and get what I can find because I need it then...just curious.

Rhys really did like getting to run around in the toddler play area.

But he didn't get this excited until it was time for lunch.

Either way, we didn't really even go into any store until after lunch. Ava and her friends rode on the giant carousel. We had lunch in the food court which is nice because I don't have to eat the same thing they do.

After lunch, Ava's friend Annika had a gift card for Build-A-Bear Workshop. I thought that it would be a perfect place for Ava to go do something with some Christmas gift money. She had to be convinced to pick out something to build instead of the little tiny stuffed things they have. She always picks those types of things out and really doesn't play with them at all... Anyway, she was not interested at all at having to be the person to talk to the stuffing lady or to press the peddle to fill the bear. I made her do it anyway. She was willing to pick out the heart but no kisses were given. This is a fairly unloved unicorn from the start. We will have to see if it's self esteem suffers. She was happy once she got to pick out clothes and get it dressed though. She is a fan of shopping for clothes and accessories. (We now have 4 more hair thingies thanks to sales and Ava's love of shopping.) She had to name her unicorn on the fly.

Meet Cree.

I don't know why my kids both decided to make weird faces in their pictures. I have no idea where they get it from.

Monday, January 18, 2010

oh what fun

We had an extra participant in MMM today. Justin was home so in theory we could have done some crazy fun things! But we didn't. We had normal fun. We went out to breakfast and then things got really crazy. We went grocery shopping...without a list. I haven't been shopping in an actual grocery store in months. Since the weather got colder I have zero desire to spend the little bit of time I have when we are both home to go to the grocery store or to take two bundled up kids to the store, to then bring them inside and hope I don't knock them over with the door as I freeze my butt off bringing in groceries by myself. So I have been ordering everything. We got some extra fruit and a few extra snacky items but other than that, I think we did alright. Ava has requested that I make Puerto Rican rice and she even pointed out the right kind of rice at the store. I think I have mostly everything to make it, so we will see how it goes. I found canning jars in the store which was an added bonus. There might be some jam making happening tomorrow for some extended fun. Then Justin got Ava some puzzles that had more than 24 pieces. She has gotten bored with the 24 piece puzzles she has, so he got some variety packs. We warmed up with a 50 piece and then decided to go for the 500 piece Monster's Inc. puzzle. Justin takes puzzles very seriously. I can't do them at all. Ava got bored. Ava and I bailed on him and he stayed up late to finish it, only to find he had lost one piece. (Rhys was napping during the puzzle time)

I am interested to see how Rhys acts tomorrow. He has been a little moody and I am wondering if his ear infection didn't clear up all the way. Maybe he has just been around Ava too long. We have swimming lessons in the morning. Ava says she wants to go, she just doesn't want to have a teacher. I think she just wants to go play in the water and not actually learn anything. Too bad!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The champion of all things laser

Ava had another laser treatment on Monday. She is very aware now of what happens when she goes to get a laser treatment and has been asking when she would go get purple again for a while. She had informed me prior to going that she planned to scream. She also told me she wanted strawberry smell in her mask.

In order for the rest of this to make sense, you need to know the normal routine of a laser treatment.

We wake her up in the morning and put her in the car in her pajamas, drop Rhys off somewhere (Siblings aren't supposed to go though it seemed like everybody else had siblings there this week. Either way, generally easier without him there.)and drive to Children's outpatient center. We get there and check in and she plays for about 5 minutes. We get called back and begin all of her pre-op paperwork. She gets her gown on, her wrist band, weighed and all vitals taken. The doctor and resident come in to talk to us. The anesthesiologist and resident each come in to us and discuss history and all that. The eye doctor comes in and talks to us. All this time we are in a hospital room with sliding glass doors and all that, like most ER's. They do have toys out in the hall that she can go play with and TV's set on channel 11. She usually doesn't want to do much of anything but sit there being annoyed. Then they come and get her and wheel the table away, at which point she usually flips out that she is leaving. I used to go with her but it doesn't really change the situation so I stopped. They then go into the OR and they put a flavor sent in the anesthesia mask, usually her choice of what smell she wants. They then hold the mask over her face, usually while she cries, until she falls asleep. She wakes up in recovery with the nurses, and they come and get us. We usually get called back when she is in recovery because she won't stop crying. When she calms down we go back into our original room where she is observed eating and drinking and waking all the way up. Usually she is really mad if you talk to her and pretty irrational, so we have learned to just ignore her and say as little as possible. It is kind of like not making direct eye contact with a gorilla. We then get her dressed and go home.

So this time she decided every time a doctor came in she would lay down and pretend to be sleeping. We talked about it after they left and I suggested that she pretend to sleep when they put the mask on instead of crying, and then she would just get to go right to sleep for real. We played around and she was laughing and having fun when they came to get her. She immediately went into pretend sleep mode, and was trying not to laugh. The doctors played along with it and wheeled her out. She gave me one panic look and I gave her a thumbs up and she smiled and went back to pretend sleep. This time when they came to get us, she was sitting up in her bed against the pillows drinking some juice. She was definitely still out of it, but actually nodding yes or no to things and she wasn't crying. The anesthesia resident came in to check on her and said that she didn't cry at all when they brought her back. Later on when she was still zoned out, she said, "Mommy, I didn't scream." She seriously made it through the whole morning without crying once. Turns out she had strep throat and was already sick, but I doubt that had anything to do with it. I think she just knows what is going to happen and is fine with it. She picked her smell, she knew what would happen, she decided to pretend to sleep. She was in control.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I missed a big day.

Thursday was my 2 year stay home anniversary. I thought about it all day. I just forgot to say something. We had other important things going on, like snow storms. It has been an excellent two years home. I have done many new things including growing another little person, learned how to knit, learned how to make jam and bread, all sorts of crazy odd things that I didn't think would be on the agenda 2 years ago.

So I am in the thick of things now. I have made my life a little crazier with goals I have, possibly crazier than when I was working full time. We have a ton going on right now just in general. Maybe it seems busier because I am used to having more down time. Maybe it seems busier because it actually is busier. We will just have to see. All I know is we have 3 animals at home who all somehow demand attention,(here is where I actually looked at my weekly to do list) Ava is in weekly swimming lessons (decided to wait until she is 4 to add in dance classes), we go to a playgroup once a week, I work three nights a week, Justin and I are both taking classes right now, I am reading the Bible in a year, I have ideas of going to the gym 3 times a week, I am leading/participating in Beth Moore's Daniel study with a few ladies, we are involved in our small group and both of us have weekly committments at church and for some reason I still think I should be able to read books for fun and learn how to knit socks. (Seriously, I don't know why I am set on the sock thing. I am a little intimidated, but it just seems to small and something I could actually finish.) All of these things are great and make my life what it is, but sometimes at the end of a week I am just tired. I think some people can take on more than this, but I think I am at my limit. Until I want to make more bread or jam or raviolis...

I think that is part of the bonus of Mommy Monday's. I have to start the week on an upswing, gather momentum for the rest of the week. They have been lacking a little bit lately, I have to admit. Now that winter has set in, I need some ideas for Mommy Monday's. I want to have stuff on the calendar. I want trips planned. Who is going with me? Who just wants to make cookies? Who just wants to tell me their awesome ideas?

Ok, random train of thought is now over. See, tired.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

chances are

Chances are that I will never actually get around to writing the posts that I have meant to get to. I don't have a to do list that I can cross off. Maybe I should make one.

Life is getting back to normal with Justin back at work. We didn't get a lot of things done on his vacation like we had planned, but some things were finished. He and Ava did go see a movie. We did all go Chuck E. Cheese. I worked on my knitted scarf. We got a cable line dropped into our bedroom, well at least 95% of the way. The tv is set up in our room instead of Ava's and is functional so that works. In the winter our house is extremely cold downstairs so I much prefer to hang out upstairs. This makes quiet time much more productive since I can be upstairs to enforce Ava staying in her room, not freezing, watching something without cartoon characters and folding laundry at the same time. Goal for the winter, get in the habit of folding and putting away laundry every day so by the time we venture back downstairs, it will be a part of my routine.

Ava started swimming lessons today. She took lessons before but those were the ones where I hold her and just make her try to kick in the water. These are big girl lessons. She sat on the side of the pool and did everything with her instructor, without me. She gave me many "please save me" looks at the beginning and even tried to bail out and have a meltdown, but I just put her back in the water and she stayed. The class ended up moving to the other side of the pool from where we were sitting (Ava is taking her class with her friend Annika, so that means I get to sit and talk with Annika's mom.) and I saw her smile a few times. By the end she said she had fun and is going to do it again, which is good because she has 7 more weeks!

I have managed to continue knitting my scarf without my hand falling off. A key element to this is sleeping with a wrist brace on and limiting computer activity. I apparently can't do it all. This is good news to me and I have decided to plan ahead for a few future projects. I am about 2/3's of the way done with my scarf. It is kind of a slow pattern since every row is different (I say this like i know what i am talking about...I have never followed any other pattern in knitting, but I know that it would slow me down in crocheting so whatever.) and I am looking forward to being done with it. I ordered some sock yarn today and circular needles so I am hoping that by the time my order comes, I will be done with my scarf so I can start on a pair of socks. Other projects on deck: felted bag and a baby blanket.

School started up again for both of us. I have yet to start anything for it. I did look at the syllabus and I have fewer projects than last class, but not by much. This should be interesting to see how Justin and I manage our time to allow us both to get things done.

I have decided that I want to make some scones, because it will sound fun in my head to offer people a scone. Off to find some scone recipes.