Monday, January 18, 2010

oh what fun

We had an extra participant in MMM today. Justin was home so in theory we could have done some crazy fun things! But we didn't. We had normal fun. We went out to breakfast and then things got really crazy. We went grocery shopping...without a list. I haven't been shopping in an actual grocery store in months. Since the weather got colder I have zero desire to spend the little bit of time I have when we are both home to go to the grocery store or to take two bundled up kids to the store, to then bring them inside and hope I don't knock them over with the door as I freeze my butt off bringing in groceries by myself. So I have been ordering everything. We got some extra fruit and a few extra snacky items but other than that, I think we did alright. Ava has requested that I make Puerto Rican rice and she even pointed out the right kind of rice at the store. I think I have mostly everything to make it, so we will see how it goes. I found canning jars in the store which was an added bonus. There might be some jam making happening tomorrow for some extended fun. Then Justin got Ava some puzzles that had more than 24 pieces. She has gotten bored with the 24 piece puzzles she has, so he got some variety packs. We warmed up with a 50 piece and then decided to go for the 500 piece Monster's Inc. puzzle. Justin takes puzzles very seriously. I can't do them at all. Ava got bored. Ava and I bailed on him and he stayed up late to finish it, only to find he had lost one piece. (Rhys was napping during the puzzle time)

I am interested to see how Rhys acts tomorrow. He has been a little moody and I am wondering if his ear infection didn't clear up all the way. Maybe he has just been around Ava too long. We have swimming lessons in the morning. Ava says she wants to go, she just doesn't want to have a teacher. I think she just wants to go play in the water and not actually learn anything. Too bad!!!!!!!

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  1. I have to laugh because Mike doesn't like to color or do puzzles - both of which I LOVE and take seriously! I'm so excited that Ava likes puzzles :D


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