Saturday, January 9, 2010

I missed a big day.

Thursday was my 2 year stay home anniversary. I thought about it all day. I just forgot to say something. We had other important things going on, like snow storms. It has been an excellent two years home. I have done many new things including growing another little person, learned how to knit, learned how to make jam and bread, all sorts of crazy odd things that I didn't think would be on the agenda 2 years ago.

So I am in the thick of things now. I have made my life a little crazier with goals I have, possibly crazier than when I was working full time. We have a ton going on right now just in general. Maybe it seems busier because I am used to having more down time. Maybe it seems busier because it actually is busier. We will just have to see. All I know is we have 3 animals at home who all somehow demand attention,(here is where I actually looked at my weekly to do list) Ava is in weekly swimming lessons (decided to wait until she is 4 to add in dance classes), we go to a playgroup once a week, I work three nights a week, Justin and I are both taking classes right now, I am reading the Bible in a year, I have ideas of going to the gym 3 times a week, I am leading/participating in Beth Moore's Daniel study with a few ladies, we are involved in our small group and both of us have weekly committments at church and for some reason I still think I should be able to read books for fun and learn how to knit socks. (Seriously, I don't know why I am set on the sock thing. I am a little intimidated, but it just seems to small and something I could actually finish.) All of these things are great and make my life what it is, but sometimes at the end of a week I am just tired. I think some people can take on more than this, but I think I am at my limit. Until I want to make more bread or jam or raviolis...

I think that is part of the bonus of Mommy Monday's. I have to start the week on an upswing, gather momentum for the rest of the week. They have been lacking a little bit lately, I have to admit. Now that winter has set in, I need some ideas for Mommy Monday's. I want to have stuff on the calendar. I want trips planned. Who is going with me? Who just wants to make cookies? Who just wants to tell me their awesome ideas?

Ok, random train of thought is now over. See, tired.


  1. Jeremy's mom posted a picture of a pair of socks she knitted - she said that the first couple she did were just so-so, but after she figured out what she was doing, it was easy - maybe she can give you some pointers? Also, I love the whole idea of your Mommy Mondays - I sure could have used that when I was at home - I dreaded Mondays, because it usually was the start of a week that had no real plans - you, are awesome!

  2. maybe you would like to do muffin tin mondays on one of your mmm days?


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