Thursday, January 21, 2010

hi jinx

So Wednesdays are usually pretty fun at work, generally because I like the people I work with quite a big. We end up laughing a lot. So last night a local pizza company hosted a fundraiser and people didn't come because of the weather and they had three extra pizzas. They called to see if we wanted them and a woman brought them over. They were 28 inch pizzas, hot out of the oven. In GIANT pizza boxes. So we were already giggly about free pizza. Why? Because most of us should not be excited to eat pizza at 10:30pm. We should be responsible and use self control and think "my, my, that salad that I had early is still oh so filling" and pass though none of us actually had anything remotely close to a salad earlier. We get downstairs to bring them in and we actually had to turn the box sideways to get it through the door. A. takes pizza number one to go put it down somewhere so we can get the other two. She comes back and I go outside to help the woman because she brought the other two at the same time and that way we can just go inside because it was getting cold. So A. is cracking up at me carrying 2 boxes at once. I had to get creative turning them to get through the door without having the pizzas inside slide down. You have to know that these boxes are actually as big as a four person table so in order for me to hold them up straight I am holding them up at almost shoulder height so I can have the most arm length. I make in through the second set of doors and the surprising weight combined with the awkward way of holding the boxes is taking its toll and I think I am going to drop it. We are both cracking up, but I feel the box start to bend. I say "Help" about ten times. She just laughs even harder. I had to drop down to one knee to try to balance the pizzas and not drop them all the way to the floor. This made her laugh even harder. I finally was able to laugh long enough to clearly say that I needed help. We didn't drop the pizzas, but we laughed until we had the pizzas in the kitchen and set up for people to eat. When your arms start burning from carrying pizzas, it is amusing. You would never think pizzas could be heavy. Plus when we called in the clients and they saw three giant pizzas just waiting for them, it was so awesome. Apparently we aren't the only ones who get excited about pizza at 10:30.


  1. I want pizza - dang that salad at lunch is just not that filling anymore...

  2. I would have been CRAZY EXCITED for that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. you're making me hungry for pizza!


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