Wednesday, January 27, 2010

soooo frustrated!

So this past week I had my first paper due for this new class I am in. It isn't exactly new since this week is the halfway point, but still, the first paper. I finished it, felt pretty good about it and submitted it, right on time. I actually had an hour to spare, which for me is doing pretty well. I check my grade tonight and it was a 0. That is right, a big fat, 0. I was slightly confused by this and went to look for comments. Even if the paper was horribly bad, I should have at least gotten half of the credit. It showed that I submitted something with no attachment at 5:44am MST MONDAY! I promise you, I was not even awake at this time. Plus why would I submit nothing that late? It was already late, so if I were going to do the whole fake attachment thing wouldn't I have done it on time????? I wrote my teacher an email, so we will see what he says. I might just have to eat it, though I will definitely go above him if that is what he says my option is. At this point, I can only get a B if I earn all my points from here on out if this zero sticks around. A B will be better than wasting my tuition though, I guess.

I am also frustrated with this sickness surrounding our house. Last week Justin and Rhys both got sick on Thursday with fevers and general crappy feelings. They both went to the doctor on Friday. Justin thought he might have the flu or pneumonia and we thought Rhys' ear infection from a couple weeks before just hadn't cleared up. They were both fine, just a virus, come back if it gets worse. Justin is pretty much back to normal, with just a lingering cough. Ava and I both got fevers Friday night and Ava got the cough and I got a headache. I started to think Rhys must have had the headache version too since he was clearly miserable for no particular reason. Then he started in with the cough and snot pouring from his face. He has been sleeping a lot and last night he was just mad at everything. He is clearly not feeling well at all still and has very little energy to do a whole lot of playing. I feel bad for hte little guy. I think he has been sick or getting over something everyday except for like 5 when he was on antibiotics since mid-December.

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  1. Oh.My.Gosh. I would be livid & seething with frustration, too!!! Praying it works out in your favor & that sickness leaves your house!!!


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