Wednesday, January 20, 2010

playdate at the mall

Today our playgroup met at the mall. I need to go to the mall more often! I probably don't "need" to go to the mall, but I should. The play area was not too crowded, especially at 10am and both kids were able to play. The mall was generally empty so there wasn't the feeling of people everywhere which can get overwhelming and tiring. It was just fun and I should try to do it more often. I wonder if I would spend less on clothes if I just shopped more often and actually sought out the good sales instead of pulling the oh crap, Ava has no pants and then i go out and get what I can find because I need it then...just curious.

Rhys really did like getting to run around in the toddler play area.

But he didn't get this excited until it was time for lunch.

Either way, we didn't really even go into any store until after lunch. Ava and her friends rode on the giant carousel. We had lunch in the food court which is nice because I don't have to eat the same thing they do.

After lunch, Ava's friend Annika had a gift card for Build-A-Bear Workshop. I thought that it would be a perfect place for Ava to go do something with some Christmas gift money. She had to be convinced to pick out something to build instead of the little tiny stuffed things they have. She always picks those types of things out and really doesn't play with them at all... Anyway, she was not interested at all at having to be the person to talk to the stuffing lady or to press the peddle to fill the bear. I made her do it anyway. She was willing to pick out the heart but no kisses were given. This is a fairly unloved unicorn from the start. We will have to see if it's self esteem suffers. She was happy once she got to pick out clothes and get it dressed though. She is a fan of shopping for clothes and accessories. (We now have 4 more hair thingies thanks to sales and Ava's love of shopping.) She had to name her unicorn on the fly.

Meet Cree.

I don't know why my kids both decided to make weird faces in their pictures. I have no idea where they get it from.


  1. My kids still love going to that play place. We went there just last week!

    BTW, I highly recommend the birthday parties at Build a Bear. We had Alayna's there this year and it was fun... and considering everyone goes home with a stuffed bear, it's more "affordable" than doing a lot of other places.

  2. funny, funny pictures! I almost didn't recognize Rhys!

  3. HA HA HA HA - that is too funny about the pictures!


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