Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall is here, I guess

I finally turned the heat on today.  It was just a little too chilly in the mornings.  The weather just hasn't been able to make up its mind.  A couple weeks ago we actually went camping in Michigan.  It was supposed to be this lovely fall camping trip with apple picking and hiking.  It was freaking cold!  It actually got down to about 39 degrees at night.  It was rainy and cold.  Overall the weather was pretty umpleasant.  I also made the mistake of not bringing anything for the kids to play with. I usually have random things in the car for them so that kind of saved the day, but I will definitely have to plan better next time.  Clearly the camping wasn't so bad that there won't be a next time.  I really do love being outside and I don't think we spend enough time outside as a family.  I have plans to revamp our little patio to make it more family friendly for next summer so we will be a little more motivated to stay out there. 

Playgroup met at the pumpkin farm this week.  Here are a few fun pictures.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quotes of September of 2010 and some older ones....

July 22nd: Me: Is this what you are wearing today?  Ava: Yeah! I love flowers and I love candy.
Aug 4th: Ava: humph! I'm not going to talk to you. Me: Fine, that also means no whining at me. Ava: Fine! I'm whining at myself!

Aug 8th: Ava: uhhh mommy, the poopie looks like there is corn in it.

Aug. 30th Ava: Maybe we could go to Popeye's and get that chicken that Phineas and Ferb were eating.

Sept. 8th (first day of preschool, in the pick up line to get Ava, everytime we would move a little bit forward) Rhys: Here come!!!!!!  I see Awa!  Here come!!!!!!

Sept. 16th: Ava: I have a white spot on my nose.  Me: Ok.  Do you not like the white spot?  Ava: Well, white spots and black spots are ok for cows, but I don't know if I like the white spot on my nose.

Sept. 24th: Ava: I want to learn how to knit.  Then we can pick out pretty yarn together and drink hot chocolate and sit by the fire together. 

Sept. 27th: Rhys: Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma FACE!  (this was his version of Poker Face by Lady Gaga)