Wednesday, October 5, 2011

They really do love each other

Here are some things that the little people have said lately.

During a full out meltdown, Ava says, "Tomorrow we are starting over with only one kid in this family and it is NOT going to be Rhys."

Outside during the 5k walk for my work, someone tells Rhys, "Your nose is all red. You must be cold." Rhys responds with, "No my sister's nose is red. Mine is bery(very), bery, bery white."

Ava- "I like tardy slips. They are so cute and little."

Rhys- "I feel like I should have three sisters. Yeah, three sisters, because that is what I want."


Ava has settled into kindergarten quite nicely. She seems to enjoy her classmates more than the work. She is really wanting to learn how to read and is getting there. She has her sight words down pat. She has started to find them in books and likes it when she can sound out a full sentence. She starts book it this month. Hopefully she will think of something other than puking up mushrooms when she is older and reflects on book it. (those two things are totally connected in my mind)

Rhys has had his tonsils and adenoids taken out. He also apparently had his potty training desire taken out too. He went into surgery potty trained and came out not. I know he still has the ability. He has just lost all desire.

We recently aquired an outdoor playhouse. This has made our extremely nice fall that much more enjoyable. I love that they will both just go outside and play for at least half an hour. It might last longer before the arguments ruin things, but they at least get outside.

Rhys dressed himself...the shirt is backwards...and was "exercisin'"

And just so Ava doesn't feel left out... Remember this? I barely do.