Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day of Kindergarten!

Monday was Ava's first day of school. Full disclosure: I have dreaded this day since the day she was born. It was just full of mixed emotions for me. It symbolized a whole lot of what if's in my head. Turns out, when the day came I wasn't nervous. I think a huge part of that was being very comfortable with our choice for school. I wasn't scared or nervous, I was excited. I was super excited. I was Christmas morning excited. I had a hard time sleeping Sunday night. I did have some crazy dream about Ava taking a friend's hand and walking out into deep water, completely ignoring me telling her not to and I was helpless to save her. So I guess I was a little nervous underneath all the excitement.

Justin stayed home in the morning to take her to school too. I made cinnamon rolls, her requested breakfast for the first day of school, and we were off. It is pretty cool that her school does have so much parental involvement. I don't think anybody in 5th grade or below was just dropped off. Everyone's parent walked them in. Justin and Rhys parked in a different place than Ava and I did (Justin was going to work immediately following drop off) and as we were walking up to the school I saw parents taking pictures of their kids at the school sign. I saw very long, emotional hugs. Suddenly...I felt the urge to cry. It was like being at a wedding. Not sure why you are crying, but it is like there is way too much free emotions floating around in the atmosphere or something. We go into the school and show Ava to her seat. She got right down to business coloring a shirt. She was acting a little shy even though one of her friends from preschool purposefully chose to sit right next to her. (She now says that Emma, the preschool friend, has decided that they are best friends for the year.) We gave her kisses good bye and walked out. I still had the crying feeling but I didn't. The PTM (similar to PTA, but it is a Christian school so everything is a Ministry) hosted a boohoo/yahoo breakfast for parents and as we walked in, I was asked to declare myself. Boohoo or yahoo? I was like for the love! don't make me say it out loud! I was a little of both, apparently.

Rhys and I went to the library for story time and crafts. He was so calm on Monday. I don't think he knew what to do with himself and only me. We ran errands afterward and then went back to pick up Ava.

Today on the other hand, Rhys decided to take on this persona.

It involved many time outs, including one for spitting all over his hand and sticking it in my mouth. It was like a really bad wet willy.