Monday, August 8, 2011

Big guy

Rhys hasn't wanted to be outdone by Ava turning 5 and starting school soon. Nope. He has decided to potty train himself. I am just more or less giving pointers, and reminders. He is doing it all. We are finishing up 24 hours of no diapers and are doing really well. I wouldn't say accident free, but as long as he is able to get to his potty right away, he is fine.

Ava was gone all weekend after her party, so we had a lot of Rhys time. He is pretty funny without her and the level of whining in the house drops drastically. We were playing on our bed Saturday night and I threw him off of me onto a pillow. Dori didn't like that. She got herself in between the two of us, pretty much a hands off sign. She sat there pretty calmly, but definitely sat there alert, next to him for the next half an hour or so just giving me the eye.