Thursday, August 18, 2011

Curriculum day and then some.

On a normal day, if I were to get up early to out or make something for breakfast or read in quiet, Rhys would be up, right there with me before I could even leave my room. The last two mornings, I have had to wake both kids up with lots of moaning and groaning from them and it is later than I am usually woken up by Rhys. This whole early morning school thing is going to be quite an adjustment.

This morning we had to be up and ready to leave the house for Curriculum Day. In the higher grade levels, kids actually come and pick up their box of books. They are getting their curriculum for school, gym uniforms, year books, etc. We got our welcome folder with even MORE forms to fill out. It is also a chance to sign up for the volunteer opportunities in the school. Parents for each child have to volunteer 20 hours per child per year. I don't think that is going to be that hard to do, but I can definitely see it getting harder the more kids you have.

We also apparently have to do this walk-a-thon with a required fundraising amount. It is frustrating only in the timing. It is the week befor the fundraising walk for my job. I am guessing we will focus on getting pledges for Ava's school.

Anyway, Ava got to see some preschool teachers from last year. She was looking all cute. She picked out her outfit and was sporting her new hair cut. (I meant to take a picture of her by her classroom but getting Rhys out of there was harder than it should have been and I forgot.) She got to go to her classroom and meet her teachers. She also got to pick out her seat. She didn't put much thought into it. She talked with her teacher a bit and was given a homework assigment for Monday. I also signed up to bring something supplyish within the first week and I have no idea what it was now. I am pretty excited about her starting school. I hope she is as excited as I am.

We then took off to the zoo with friends. Rhys had his first real outing wearing underwear. He is in the don't tell me what to do stage, so everytime I suggested he go to the bathroom he threw a fit, but he was enamoured by the little potties in the children's zoo.

Ava wasn't as interested in posing for pictures as Rhys was.

We then took off to the pediatric dentist.  When Ava started going to the dentist when she was 2, we went to a pediatric dentist that someone had referred us to.  It ended up taking us an hour to get there and back, always with us leaving really early in the morning because of traffic and I didn't think he was all that nice.  After I experienced his "expertice" and realized that there wasn't anything special he could do for Ava's gums, I took Ava to our dentist which was close to our house.  She has been quite happy there for the last 3 visits.  Well, turns out she suddenly has cavities.  They asked if they could do xrays even though she was a little shy of 5 at the time (they don't do xrays on kids younger than 5) because they could see a couple cavities. So...a few xrays later and we are referred to a pediatric dentist.  Our regular dentist implied that this dentist would be able to take care of them all at once.  That is not the case.  He will do her fillings in 4 different sessions (yes, she has that many) and she will be getting a lovely silver cap because one cavity is really deep.  The pediatric dentist was concerned that they all had just appeared, but when he found out she had never had xrays before...well he wasn't thrilled.  He was pretty much of the opinion that she would have had tiny little fillings and no silver cap, if she had been seen by a practice that does xrays on children.  He pretty much said her teeth can't handle any type of sticky sugar.  All of her fillings are in between her teeth, so she has to floss, use a prescription toothpaste and avoid all sticky, sugary things, including things like dried fruit.  Yes, they are just baby teeth.  Baby teeth do serve a purpose.  He isn't doing anything about a little cavity in her front tooth.  He said no need, that tooth will fall out within the next year or so.  Her molars on the other hand, will be in her mouth for the next 7 years.  They hold the place for adult teeth and the adult teeth usually will follow them up to know where to come out.  Since her teeth are already resembling mine, they don't need any extra confusion as to where to come up.

Tomorrow: Michigan Fiber Festival.  I know you are jealous.

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  1. Ugh!! I am so sorry about Ava's teeth!! How awful. :-(

    I hope the school transition goes well for all of you!! Ben's first day is today. I didn't remind him yesterday because I wanted him to sleep well last night, but he'll be excited when he gets up. :-)

    I can't believe these babies are off to Kindergarten...


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