Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too easy

If you have ever heard Rhys sleep, you know he snores. Loudly. I mentioned it a few months ago in passing to our pediatrician. Rhys has always snores but he had started gasping more here and there in his sleep. The doctor referred us to an ENT and gave Rhys a steroid nose spray. the nose pray did make a huge difference and Rhys was great about taking it. I just wasn't sure how I felt about him being on the nose spray long term. He had his appointment wih the ENT today and it turns out the main problem is his adenoids and he will be getting those along with his tonsils out right after labor day. The whole thing seems sort of weird to me, like it was all too easy to schedule him to get body parts removed. One look and an xray and yep, let's take those bad boys out.

In other news Ava had her kick off picnic today. She really needs to up her friendly factor. I have heard she is better when I am not around but she was flat out rude to people when they tried to introduce her classmates to her. She knew three girls from her class last year and was fine with them. New people... Not so much.

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