Tuesday, August 16, 2011

some days.

There are some days that I swear every living creature in this house is working against me. I know it isn't true and I am being overly dramatic but it sure feels that way. Example, we have ants. We are constantly fighting with ants. This has always been a seasonal problem but this year it has been exceptionally bad. I think this is probably because we still don't have quarter round down. Justin didn't want put it down before we replaced all the trim...a year ago. Check one for feeling like someone is against me in my woe is me state of mind. While I am making lunch, Ava and Rhys steal muffins and start eating them on the couch, leaving crumbs all over the place, inviting the ants back. Check 2. While I am cleaning up the crumbs, the dog is in the kitchen attempting to dump the garbage can to see what she can eat. Check 3. While I am in the kitchen cleaning up lunch, Rhys and Ava are bringing everything known to man to be on a blanket in the livingroom, including all toys that aren't supposed to be downstairs. Check 4. It goes on and on, but sometimes I really do feel like it is a losing battle.

With the start of the school year approaching I am making an attack and conquer plan for de-cluttering and streamlining my cleaning process. Our clutter attracts clutter. Phase one: shoes will be in the shoe thing and if they dont' fit they have to go in someone's closet. Bags will not be brought in and left by the front door. They all attract random things that don't get picked up and cat fur and probably ants.

Ava is now claiming to be having chest pains from the effort of taking her toys back upstairs. The dog is whining about starving to death from not being allowed to eat the muffin wrappers in the garbage. People are going to have to get on board with my plan or else....

(let me know if you can figure out what my or else should be.)