Monday, April 14, 2008

Sushi for Beginners

3 - Sushi for Beginners  by Marian Keyes. 

I have read quite a few of Marian Keyes books.  I enjoyed this one, but it really didn't stand up compaired to some of her others.  She didn't have quite the same amount of humor.  Once I was done with the book, I kind of was like waht was the point of this whole person's story???  The story is written from an omni-present point of view, some of the time, well possibly all of the time, I didn't notice ALL of the time, which I don't see in too many books lately.  It was more or less the story of three people and what goes on in each of their lives for a certain chunk of time.  It was just kind of awkwardly put together, I think.   Entertaining, but not great.  Does that mean I should have given it a 2?  I have forgotten my own rating scale.  I am definitely going to re-list it.  I won't be reading it again.

Next on the list, the newly released Certain Girls by Jennifer Weirner.

I did my grocery shopping.  I saved $41.  I am not all that impressed with it.  I sometimes wonder if I end up spending more somehow, shopping for the sales.  Getting things that aren't needed....