Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I have sprouts. I planted some seeds for herbs and I have sprouts in 3/5 pots. 

During Ava's nap time today I am going to plant my seeds for my flowers and veggies that I am going to grow this summer.  I am having an indoor greenhouse type thing for my start up.  I never know when the weather will cooperate here or when the association will lay down our mulch.  I have to get everything started for sure.  I am going to get a couple large pots for my veggies.  I need to get some seeds for my tomatoes, but I have the rest already. 

When I was in sixth grade I grew a bunch of seedlings in my yaffa blocks in my bedroom.  I had beans, tomatoes, corn and some flowers all ready to go.  I put them out in the backyard in the dirt area.  They continued to grow.  Then they met a horrible demise when a certain parental person ran them over with a lawn mower.  Since then I haven't been motivated to grow anything.  My confidence was shattered.  Though that  year a friend's older brother offered to pay us to grow marijuana in the crawl space of our houses, since we  seemed to be able to grow things so well.  We declined.  Man, I could have been a felon in 6th grade!  The crawl spaces in Romeoville would be perfect places to grow some crazy marijuana.  There is probably a ton of weed below the floors of Romeoville, that is for sure.

I like to be outside but not to just sit there, even when it is baking hot.  Since everything is landscaped for us, I don't have much to do outside.  I have heard we are going to get an umbrella for our patio table donated to us by someone who has two, so that will help make the patio more friendly.  Plus there should be functional window coverings on the sliding door within a week or two.