Thursday, January 1, 2009


Tomorrow is my 3rd to last day of full time work.  I have been off for about 10 days now and it feels very weird to go home.  I think it will be weirder to be home without Justin since he has been with me the whole week.  I am starting to make little plans in my head of things I want to try to accomplish to keep my days from getting long.  I mostly sat around when I was home on maternity leave and after a bit I got very bored.  Plan some playdates people.  I am planning an outing to the children's museum in week one, if anyone is interested in joining me.  Anyway, we have been staying up late, sleeping in very late, including Ava.  (10am, I know be very jealous, my kid is a college student)  Getting her to bed at a reasonable time did not go over well tonight. 10:15 I think she finally gave up the fight.  Last night, she was seriously up until 1am.  (that is not normal for her at all) and she took a long long nap today, so I don't think she was ready to go to bed.   Oh well, she will be up at 7 tomorrow whether she likes it or not. 

Biggest Loser Couples premier tonight...I liked it.  I am glad the people who went home, went.  It annoys me to see people who aren't totally into it.  All day there was weight loss shows and dieting commercials on.  If you aren't inspired to lose weight, then the big TV people didn't do their job.  They mostly made me want to eat, showing me all that food, but to see the scale go down too.  I am not going to try to lose weight, just to eat yummy food.  It might have the opposite affect.