Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Rhys woke up this morning feeling very warm. I thought he had a fever, but in my delusional half awake state, I somehow came to the conclusion that he didn't. I can't even remember what made me figure that out but then he seemed happy and wasn't hot anymore, so I thought he was good. He slept all morning in his carseat because I had to go to the doctor myself and then I just let him keep sleeping. I woke him up to feed him after 4 hours and he was hot once again. Under his arm it was 101. The "official" temp was 100.8. We ended up going back to the doctor. The doctor sent us to the ER. He was tested for the basic stuff. It wasn't as easy as could be because they couldn't find a vein to draw blood from. After five tries they were able to get some and it clotted before they could do it. Got another sample, and it clotted. They tried again with just a normal heal stick, and that sample clotted. They then did an arterial stick, and that clotted. The doctor was honestly just going to order the lumbar puncture (which would mean we would be in the hospital for 48 hours while he was on IV antibiotics) and the nurse said that they might as well try to get another sample out of a scalp vein first. That finally worked and the results came back all clear. We were able to go home and just watch things. Seriously, 3 hours after getting home, his fever is gone, at least for now. The diagnosis was that it was something viral. It was the assumption from the beginning, but they had to make sure it wasn't something else. He is now sleeping and will be hopefully for the rest of the night. I didn't go to work as planned. Always good to call in on day 2.