Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thanks followers

Thanks to the couple people who are now "following" my blog. Not sure how that is working out for you, but hopefully it has been a pleasant experience.

My brain is seriously so scattered, it is so hard to remember what I planned to write. Is there post-partum ritalin? Helps moms focus! Maybe it is all of my dha from my brain being leached out and given to Rhys. Do they study whether or not your IQ drops with each child? Just curious. Someone do a research project.

Yesterday Ava was being full out evil. Lots of yelling, throwing things, crying. But when she would decide to turn it off (it really was a decision, since she could switch moods in an instant) she was being pretty funny. She said something which made me think I should put these in my blog, but as said in the previous paragraph, I have brain issues, and I don't remember what that was. We were driving home and we passed a road crew truck. There was someone standing in the back. She said, "Oh no! the guy! the guy in the truck! Somebody better move that guy!" Ava-Safety Patrol. I had talked about going to babies r us, and after stopping at the bank, wasn't really feeling up to dealing with the evil one in a store. She reminded me about going to the store so I said oh ok, I forgot. "Silly Mommy." We pull up to our spot in the parking lot, and the snow on the side of the curb had melted some and grass was actually showing. "Look a snake!" I told her I didn't see a snake. She said, "its a snow snake. See, its all white. It likes to eat things. It eats snow and cookies. hahah, silly Ava." At least she amuses herself. She did fine in the store, until I told her to hold my hand. "No I not. I hold my hand." I look back, and she is holding her own hand. Clearly too occupied to hold onto mine.

I went back to work last night. I thought it went well and since I normally am up until midnight, it wasn't too bad sleep wise. It is just the extra 45 minutes to an hour that I am afterward that kind of messes me up. Rhys had apparently waited to go all the way to sleep until I got home and he could have a one minute nursing nuzzle and then he was out. (In my bed of course, but I have decided to stop fighting it. It worked for Ava, so I just need to get over it. I don't even know why I have been trying to put him in his bed in the middle of the night, other than I want to have feeling in my arms and roll over sometimes) Everyone was up by six or six thirty this morning so that was fun. Rhys was put on zantac the other day, and since then he has made it at least 3.5 hours at night before he wakes up. It used to be 2. First night he went 5 hours. Hopefully this will help us get closer to him sleeping mostly through the night...soon in his own bed. Ava weighed a lot less than he does so it took a lot longer.

Both of them are actually sleeping right now. Rhys still in his carseat, but who cares! I have two hands. I don't know what to do with myself. So much that needs to be done or can be done. I should be sleeping, but I had just gotten a coffee and it needs to be consumed. I have actually booked a day with my sister to have her watch both kiddies, not at my house, so I can just clean for 3 hours and see what I get done. I am hoping that we can get a lot of the picking up taken care of ahead of time, so I can get to the stuff that always gets put off, like the cleaning of the freezer and fridge and dusting.

Ok, now I have to move on to do other things. More two handed activities coming my way!

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