Monday, January 12, 2009

Apparently there might be a blizzard tonight. It is odd. I feel antsy right now and knowing that the weather is too bad to really go outside makes me feel it all that much more. Odd thing is, I am feeling antsy, but not really motivated to get everybody packed up. I could in theory clean something or fold some laundry, but that is not really all that enjoyable. I think taking a nap sounds the best actually. Maybe I am not feeling antsy at all, just not wanting to be doing what I am doing since i want to be sleeping.

Rhys has had pretty good sleeping nights lately. He does like to get up for an hour or so around 4 or 5. He is happy awake so it isn't that bad. Evenings have been interesting. He definitely gets more fussy around 4pm. Saturday night he was raging mad from about 4 until midnight. He would calm down but start all over if you moved him at all. It was a good time. I am glad we didn't go to our friends' party like previously planned. That would have made for a long drive and a very long party.

He is keeping in the family tradition of pooping out the diaper at church. Ava did it every week. No idea why she only would do it on Sunday's but she did. So far Rhys has managed to get the poop to at least leak out a bit every Sunday he has been in church. This week he went up his back and then later while changing him he got it on every piece of clothing he had on and his blanket. That was only the 2nd time he has ever gone up his back.

Ava is adjusting a little more. Still whining and now she has started to throw temper tantrums, which is interesting. I have gotten her back to only having her bobo for bed. Doesn't mean she doesn't ask for it all day, but little by little it will get better.

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  1. I'm sorry, but the poop made me laugh. I know, I'll be ready on Sunday!


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