Wednesday, January 14, 2009

quick post with poopy boy on my lap

Rhys pretty much does the opposite of what I say he does, as soon as I say. He has been happy lately, only a little crabby in the evenings. Don't worry I know I have now cursed myself by saying it. Last night he allowed me 5 hours asleep in a row last night. I also got to take a little nap today, so I feel all caught up on sleep. Probably to prepare me for the night I will have ahead of me of not sleeping. He has not wanted to be put down all day, so my arms are burning. Oh well, he will be too big soon enough and I will be missing my little cuddly baby that wanted to be held all day.

I am totally annoyed by the weather. I know it is harder to get out of the car with two kids to begin with, but aside from the dangerous cold, it sucks to take bundled up Ava out in the cold. All the parking lots are kind of slippery so I am either carrying her and the carseat, or I have her walk and then she gets snow on me and in the car. Rhys is actually way easier to get in and out if we go places. Plus, I am trying to avoid going out and just spending money for the heck of it, therefore, we have stayed in. (Take note, if you have more than two kids, I am not saying woe is is woe is us.)

I have started my new crocheting project. I am having a much harder time with it. Reading can be done with one hand, crocheting cannot.

Ava has been using her mini-boppy to hold her baby, lifts up her shirt and says that the baby is eating. It was just a matter of time.

I just looked up to see what we were doing when Ava was 4 weeks old. That was the day we got the results of her first MRI. Wow, a baby that is 4 weeks old that hasn't been put under anesthesia, hasn't had an IV, and has only had one doctor's appointment. No wonder it seems like time is flying by.

I really had something to write about and I can't remember what I was going to say. Common problem right now. Random pictures to post to make up for it. (oh, you must go to the pw blog to see pictures).