Wednesday, October 1, 2008

awwww cwab

Ava says crap.  I thought last weekend she said it, but her version of clap and what could be crap, sound the same.  I think she was really talking to her toy and saying, "clap, clap, clap."  Yesterday she asked Justin to put lotion on her hands.  He tried opening a sample soap bottle, that had a seal on it.  I told him it was soap.  He told her that he couldn't put lotion on her hands because it won't work.  She said, "Awwwwww cwab.  Yep, its cwab."  You had to hear her tone.  I was cracking up.  It was seriously one of the funniest things I have ever heard.  We obviously told her not to say crap, that it isn't a nice word, but it was still funny.  So if you hear her say things are cwab in a very negative tone, we are pretty sure she is saying crap, and feel free to correct her. 

In other news, I thought I would toss out some favorite winter perfume scents.  Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden, Chance by Chanel, and for a softer scents, Cashmere Mist by Donna Karen and Daisy by Marc Jacobs.  I went with some spicier scents for recommendations.  I feel like it is fall now, and it makes me think warm, spicey thoughts, so there are my recommendations.  Do I expect anyone to run out and buy some perfume based on these suggestions?  No.  Just thought I would list them.  I went on a perfume smelling trip today and I just compiled a list of my favorites.