Monday, October 27, 2008


So here are a couple things that have gotten on my nerves. doesn't have any copies of books available that I actually want to read.  I feel like I am always mailing out books because I actually list ones that people want.  (Justin, you should have me re-list books you are done with, unless you are planning on keeping them forever).  I am running out of books but I have a list of at least 40 that I want to read but can't get my hands on them. 

I am also really annoyed at Ava saying she is hungry but refusing to eat what is given to her.  She has gotten insanely picky and is wasting a ton of food.  I am pretty sure it is just her way of being in control of things but seriously, you can't live off of fruit snacks and goldfish crackers.  Well you could, but it isn't very healthy.

I am also annoyed that certain keys on my keyboard decide not to work randomly.  During this post it is the comma.  I have to go back and hit it hard to make it work. 

In other news, dinner dishes are done and the ceiling fan has been cleaned.  Bath time is coming up and I will fold a couple loads of laundry so I have pants for tomorrow and then I am calling it a night, housework wise. 

OOOH!  Another annoying thing.  I read that the networks are discussing chucking Pushing Daisies.  I seriously love that show!  It is so different and fun.  The dialog cracks me up and the colors are so pretty.  I will never get to see it in HD if they cancel it since Justin has voted we cancel the installation of U-verse, so no HD receiver in this house yet.