Monday, October 27, 2008

Things have been pretty steady here in our house.  Things are getting done.  Laundry, grocery shopping, bank trips, etc.  I have caulked the bathtub.  It only took me a week due to finding out the caulk I had was too old, and then I had to get around to going to buy more, even though I had already scraped out the old stuff.  If we only had one tub, I am sure the project would have been completed much faster. 

Nothing new on the baby front.  I go to the doctor tomorrow for my 34 week visit.  It is still trying to escape regularly.  I have dreams about hands and/or feet trying to come out of my skin to grab me.  No real gender dreams though.  We have gathered a sufficient amount of gender neutral sleepers to get us through the first couple weeks/month depending on the growth rate.  I have girl clothes if it is a girl, obviously.  I have been looking at boy clothes in the store, and so many of them are super lame.  I seriously do not like the pajama look on my kids when we go places, in general.  Ava always had little outfits.  A lot of the boy clothes look like pajamas with a truck or baseball bat on them.  I like the little man outfits.  What is wrong with a shirt and pants?  They have onesie type shirts that aren't stupid.  I am all about being  comfy but that doesn't mean the kid has to be dressed in sleepers 100% of the time.  And are power tools and sport stuff comfy?  Just curious.  I still feel fine.  I feel pregnant, but fine.  My back still hurts most of the time and I get tired, but I still consider that fine.  I am healthy and good to go, just happen to be pregnant. 

Ava is going to be "big Maggie" for halloween.  She is really going to be a pug, but she calls it Big Maggie.  We will see if she actually lets us put her costume on.  Crap!  Ava finished her swimming lessons Saturday.  I am debating signing her up for the next session.  It will obviously cause a problem since the class is 8 weeks long.  The next session starts tomorrow so I need to go sign her up tomorrow if we want to join.  I have asked Justin if he will take her to the last few since he will be home.  He hasn't given a clear answer.  I am not going to be able to take a class with her again unless it is on Saturday mornings which really don't work well for us, and I think she enjoys it so I really want to get her signed up.  I think she is going to do beginning dance classes after December, so I don't have to do it with her. 

That is pretty much what is going on in our life right now.  Same old, same old, but still fun.