Wednesday, October 29, 2008

important question

This is something that I really need to know.

What songs always make you:

a) dance around in your head, house, car, whatnot?
b) want to turn it up and belt it out?

There are many other thought provoking questions I have rattling around in my head tonight relating to things like laundry baskets: use more or put multiple loads into one giant mound? or how many messages are too many to keep on an answering machine? but they aren't really that important of questions. I need the music ones answered. I NEED the answers. I think Ava's "big fire" is making the upstairs smell weird to me. (Ava is calling her humidifier many different things with the word fire in it. It is currently her big fire.) I need to go to bed and stop worrying about smells. Tomorrow starts early, and I am working the overnight so I actually do need to sleep.