Thursday, March 10, 2011

more eyes

The morning started out kind of rough, with some heaves and a puke on the bathroom floor. Rhys just wasn't starting the day off well. We had to go to Ava's eye appointment in a couple hours so I called Justin home. He is lucky enough to be able to come work from home when he needs to. I wasn't about to take a potential puker in the car for 45 minutes to an hour long appointment.

Ava actually refused to put on the 3D glasses when we met with the nurse. (Each appointment starts out with the nurse updating her medical history.) I was slightly worried what that would mean for the rest of the appointment, because it is completely dependant on her cooperation. I had nothing to worry about. There is the first doctor (intern? fellow?) who checks everything first. Ava loves her and was actually singing in between tests. Ava sat perfectly still for all of the pressure checks again. Then the regular doctor comes in and re-checks some things. She has 20/20 vision, which I guess is somewhat surprising at her age, better than normal. Her pressures went down to 18 from 22. We were told to keep up with the eye drops. He is actually hoping to keep pressures in the teens for a while, and then ween her off of drops when she is a bit older. He kind of mumbles to himself, so I am not sure what the long term plan with that would be, other than to avoid surgery until she older. I am not sure if we will try to wean off the drops when she is old enough to do surgery if the need comes up. But either way, things are going well. Ava was very excited to tell him that she holds her eye open herself for her drops. She does...most of the time. It is helpful to have her be a part of the whole process and she gets that she has to do it, most of the time.

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  1. She's a trooper with the drops - I know how uncomfortable they must be - it actually helps that she holds her eye open - makes it easier for those of us who are less adept at applying them!


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