Wednesday, March 23, 2011

spring, spring, spring....

Welcome to spring, I think. I feel revolutionized. We are getting rid of our patio set because we don't really use it and it takes up our entire patio. I have gotten to recliners. I will soon be in search of a super cheap little table to put in between them. I have visions of hanging out there at night after the kids go to bed at their newly developed bedtime of 7:30. Just Justin and me, a couple of drinks and a lovely view of our neighbor's backyards. (Does this make you panic, Justin? You hate watching tv with me, so now you get to sit outside with me!) It would be cooler if we had a fire pit but I believe they are forbidden by our association (not that it stops any of our neighbors) and then we would once again be taking up our entire patio. The kids are getting old enough that they can play outside. They generally stay where they are told, especially if they have something to play with. I am a good secret spy mom and open up all the blinds so they can't really escape without me seeing them. I need to find a little outdoor playhouse at a garage sale for them and I am sure they will have a good time out back this summer and spring.

Another spring debate: What to grow in a garden if anything. I think I might just do some flowers and tomatoes. They are the only things I seem to have success with.

We have completed the interview/application process for Ava's school. We should be finding out in the next couple of weeks if we get in or not. I really can't see why she wouldn't unless they really just didn't like us. I am trying to mentally prepare myself for all the fund raising and parent activities we are going to have to participate in. One of them is this gift card program. I am pretty much going to have to change how we spend money to always use gift cards so we can earn enough back for the school or we have to pay it at the end of the year.

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  1. The only thing I grow well is tomatoes. I'm trying cucumbers this year, too. We'll see what happens...


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