Monday, March 7, 2011

dinner conversations

Last week we had cheeseburger soup for dinner. It is a potato cheesey vegetable loaded soup with ground beef in it. Rhys was scooping things up out of his soup.

"I've got celery." (pronounced Iiiiiiiiiiiive got cewawy)
"I've got a carrot." (Iiiiiiiiiive got a cawot)
He scoops up ground beef and says, "I've got a poopie." That he says right.
He gets a bigger hunk of beef and says, "I've got a big, giant, giant poopie."

The funny thing was, I don't know if he was trying to be funny or not. He was just thinking he was scooping up poop out of his soup.

Tonight, much like most nights, Ava decided she didn't like what we were having for dinner before she even knew what it was. So she says, "I don't like that. I wish it could be like in a restaurant and I can just have what I want."

During dinner....
Rhys: Ava, eat your food.
Justin: Rhys, mind your own business.
Rhys: Ava, just take a bite.
Justin: Rhys!
Rhys: It is my business. It is, it is my business.
Justin: No it isn't, worry about your plate.
Rhys: It is my business. (arms crossed)
Ava: It isn't my business. I don't have a business. I am just not eating.

Rhys really likes mini wheats, all the time. They are good breakfast foods, snacks, whatever.

Rhys: Ummmm....I want meee-whees. With a bowl. (long pause) and a poon.

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  1. Ok I read that out loud to Tony and we both were just cracking up!! Those guys are too funny


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