Thursday, June 9, 2011

hello summer!

This summer has potential to be an excellent summer.  We have had a couple playdates.  We have gone to the pool at the gym.  We have gone to the zoo.  We have sat around and read books.  Ok, I have sat around and read books. It is amazing how this has worked out.  A few times this when when it has been nice, we have gone to the gym or done dishes and laundry and whatnot in the morning.  Then at some point later in the day, we all go outside in the backyard where I have filled up the wading pool and have gotten smart and put a bin of outside toys. I sit in my lovely new reclining patio chair with my nook and read while Rhys and Ava play for hours on end nicely with their toys, chalk, and the water.  It is amazing.  If we time it right, the entire patio is covered in shade if it is later in the evening or early in the morning, so until the novelty wears off, this could work all summer.
So far this week I have read:
Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah
The Fifth of March by Ann Rinaldi
Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah
I wonder how many books I can read by the time the summer is over. The only hold up to my great summer reading plan is I can't seem to be able to download my ebooks from the library to my computer, so I can then put them on my nook.  There is no way I can buy all my books at this rate of reading.  I have been able to do it in the past, so I am not sure why it isn't working right now, but it is making me a little frustrated.  Also, I am on the wait list for pretty much every book I would like to read from the library.  I will figure it out!